Scratchbox - July 06, 2015
Issued: 19:39hrs Monday 06th July 2015

Simon: Plenty of cloud tonight with outbreaks of rain heading north and east. The rain heavy at times.

Issued: 07:18hrs Monday 06th July 2015

Simon: It's a fair start for many northern and eastern areas, but rain already across Ireland and parts of Cornwall is edging northeast. Most rain today in western areas, more showery in the east, and probably staying dry in the southeast.

Issued: 08:07hrs Sunday 05th July 2015

John: two areas of heavy thundery rain to look out for today. The first one will move up across the southeast and East Anglia this morning clearing in the first part of the afternoon. The other is expected move across Northern Ireland, western Wales and southwest England this morning then moves northeast into northern England.

Issued: 15:55hrs Saturday 04th July 2015

John: another warm day with 29C reported at Weybourne.

Issued: 07:12hrs Saturday 04th July 2015

John: an area of heavy thundery rain across Scotland continues moving north clearing later in the day. Much of England and Wales will be warm a,d dry perhaps a few showers in the west.

Issued: 15:48hrs Friday 03th July 2015

Garry: Temperatures are currently 24 to 28C across central and southern England. Sunshine turning hazy as high cloud thickens. Thundery rain developing from south later this evening.

Issued: 07:58hrs Friday 03th July 2015

Garry: Early mist patches for some will soon clear leaving a sunny and very warm day. Thunderstorms moving up from the south tonight.

Issued: 14:00hrs Thursday 02th July 2015

Simon: More showers and thunderstorms heading north through England and Wales through the rest of this afternoon, then into Scotland this evening.

Issued: 06:36hrs Thursday 02th July 2015

Simon: Well that was a hot not for many! Things turning fresher in the west today, but another hot one in the east with some rain in more southern areas.

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