Scratchbox - July 29, 2015
Issued: 16:36hrs Wednesday 29th July 2015

Garry: Lots of showers around across Britain and Ireland for the rest of today, but there is also plenty of dry and sunny weather too.

Issued: 08:09hrs Wednesday 29th July 2015

Garry: Dry for many inland regions of Britain & Ireland to start the day, but there are areas of showers around, which will break out increasingly through today.

Issued: 16:29hrs Tuesday 28th July 2015

Garry: A showery end to the day for eastern and northern regions. Brighter in the south and south-west.

Issued: 08:10hrs Tuesday 28th July 2015

Garry: Rain affects much of northern Britain this morning, some heavy bursts. Drier start for central-southern areas of England & Wales, but expect showers to develop today.

Issued: 16:07hrs Monday 27th July 2015

Garry: Persistent and locally heavy bursts of rain across northern Britain for the rest of today. Scattered showers Midlands & south.

Issued: 08:06hrs Monday 27th July 2015

Garry: A cool, blustery and showery day across the UK today. Some longer periods of rain.

Issued: 07:54hrs Sunday 26th July 2015

John: an autumnal kind of day today as it will become windy with heavy rain now across south west England and Wales quickly sweeping into most of England. Also feeling chilly.

Issued: 07:55hrs Saturday 25th July 2015

John: rain across East Anglia will soon clear with much of Britain to have a fine, dry and mostly sunny day today.

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