Scratchbox - September 03, 2015
Issued: 07:21hrs Thursday 03th September 2015

Simon: Get set for a raw day across eastern England and Scotland. Winds to gale force, outbreaks of rain close to the coasts and lots of cloud. Boy, you'll need to wrap up!

Issued: 15:03hrs Wednesday 02th September 2015

Simon: Gales over eastern Scotland tonight, winds increasing over the coasts of northeast England too. Few showers northwest Scotland. Mostly dry elsewhere and a cool night thanks to the northerly airflow.

Issued: 11:12hrs Wednesday 02th September 2015

Simon: More showers to come through this afternoon. These remaining heavy in parts of northwest Midlands and Wales at times.

Issued: 15:12hrs Tuesday 01th September 2015

Garry: Showery conditions for many areas this afternoon, some heavy and thundery bursts. Sunshine too.

Issued: 08:14hrs Tuesday 01th September 2015

Garry: Areas of showers around this morning, mostly N Wales & N Scotland. Becoming more widespread and heavy across N Britain today. A few reaching central- southern parts too.

Issued: 13:27hrs Monday 31th August 2015

Garry: Rain continuing across eastern England. Brightening up gradually from the west this afternoon.

Issued: 08:47hrs Monday 31th August 2015

Garry: A grey and miserable start to the Bank Holiday across much of England. Persistent rain moving slowly east, some heavy thundery bursts in SE.

Issued: 08:10hrs Sunday 30th August 2015

John: this morning one band of moderate to heavy rain from East Anglia to south west England tracks away to the north east while further pulses of heavy rain move in across Wales an and central and southern England this evening and overnight. Over an inch of rain is expected in places

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