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UK Forecast - June 20, 2018
Cloudier in the west
Brighter east

Broken cloud clears from southern England, Wales and southern Ireland this morning. Plenty of sunshine for most and feeling much cooler than recent days. It should be staying dry overal except for a few spots of rain in northwest Scotland at first this morning. A sunny and dry afternoon, feeling chilly in the northwest wind which will be strong in northeast Scotland but moderate to fresh elsewhere. Highs at 20C in southern England, 12C in northern Scotland and typically 15 to 18C elsewhere.

Thursday Night
Skies will be mostly clear through tonight and with the wind falling light it will become chilly. Cloud may increase in Northwest Scotland with the chance of a few spots of rain here by the morning. Temperatures may be low enough for a touch of ground frost in sheltered parts of Wales, the Midlands, Ireland and Northern England. Those temperatures between 3 and 7°C.

High-pressure will be centred close to Ireland on Friday. After a chilly start the day is going to be dry and sunny for most. Some client will affect northern Scotland perhaps giving an old spot of drizzle here. Little changes expected into the afternoon although there will be some sea breezes forming around the coasts. Temperatures rising to 22°C in in southern England, 21°C degrees Celsius in Ireland and 12°C in Northwest Scotland.

High-pressure remain centred over Ireland on Saturday. It will be another cool start to the day for most. Plenty of sunshine is expected through the morning although there will always be more cloud across Scotland and northern Ireland. Eastern coasts of England could see a little low cloud drifting in from time to time. Temperatures rising to 17°C in Northwest Scotland but up to 25°C in south-east England.