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Scratchbox - May 29, 2017
Issued: 14:46hrs Monday 29th May 2017

Garry: Persistent grey skies this afternoon. Some heavy bursts of rain running north-eastwards across southern & central England. Areas of rain for Scotland too.

Issued: 09:14hrs Monday 29th May 2017

Garry: Outbreaks of rain moving northwards, some heavy bursts. Local thunderstorms, especially central areas this afternoon. Warm and humid south & east, cooler north & west.

Issued: 08:05hrs Sunday 28th May 2017

John: a fine, dry morning with sunny spells for most. An area of heavy, thundery rain comes into the south of England this afternoon.

Issued: 10:38hrs Saturday 27th May 2017

John: a line of heavy, squally thunderstorms is just moving into the Ipswich area and may give torrential downpours of rain shortly.

Issued: 07:34hrs Saturday 27th May 2017

John: an area of heavy, thundery ran now across Wales and into central and southern areas will be moving to the NW. Rather warm and humid for most.

Issued: 15:24hrs Friday 26th May 2017

Simon: There are only 5 weather stations in the UK recording temperatures below 20C right now; Blackpool Airport is warmest at 28C

Issued: 06:57hrs Friday 26th May 2017

Simon: Another hot day ahead. Dry for almost all, but thundery rain into SW Ireland.

Issued: 17:33hrs Thursday 25th May 2017

Simon: Dry overnight for all and warm too.

Issued: 14:49hrs Thursday 25th May 2017

Simon: More hot sunshine this afternoon, just some low cloud drifting into southern Ireland.

Issued: 07:13hrs Thursday 25th May 2017

Simon: Hot weather will be affecting a wide part of the UK and Ireland today, from Inverness to Bournemouth, Galway to Norwich. Temperatures rising above 25C for most, just a few bits of low cloud affecting western coasts of Scotland and coasts of northwest England and Ireland.

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