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Scratchbox - May 22, 2018
Issued: 16:08hrs Monday 21th May 2018

Matt: Evening showers/thunderstorms ease away from central and southern areas. Rain across Scotland and Ireland also eases but leaves behind mostly cloudy and damp weather across Scotland tonight. Elsewhere a mild night with clear spells and variable cloud.

Issued: 15:07hrs Monday 21th May 2018

Matt: Few heavy showers now present across some southern counties of England, local downpours forecast to continue to be a risk as they move westwards in the coming hours.

Issued: 11:11hrs Monday 21th May 2018

Matt: Plenty of sunshine and becoming warm or very warm now by late morning across England and Wales, but the wet weather continues across W Scotland and Ireland. Some cloud now developing too with some initial hints of the risk of showers later now arriving into SE England...

Issued: 07:55hrs Monday 21th May 2018

Matt: Distinct north and west, south and east split in the weather to start the new working week. Particularly wet across W Scotland and Ireland, much of England and Wales remaining sunny and warm. Isolated heavy showers possible later, more on that as the day progresses...

Issued: 12:43hrs Sunday 20th May 2018

Garry: A dry, sunny and warm afternoon for the heart of England and Wales. Cloudy with outbreaks of rain for west Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

Issued: 08:10hrs Sunday 20th May 2018

Garry: Another warm, sunny day for much of England & Wales. Low cloud or coastal fog in the south-east will thin this morning. A front lies across Scotland and Ireland bringing cloudy skies and patchy rain.

Issued: 19:07hrs Saturday 19th May 2018

Simon: Cloud in Scotland and Ireland tonight but mostly clear skies in England and Wales.

Issued: 15:41hrs Saturday 19th May 2018

Simon: The sunshine continues across most of the UK through this evening. Ireland may have some high cloud making the sunshine hazier and a little low cloud on western coasts.

Issued: 08:02hrs Saturday 19th May 2018

Simon: Perfect weather for a royal wedding or FA Cup Final today. It's dry and sunny with plenty of sunshine in Windsor.

Issued: 16:38hrs Friday 18th May 2018

Simon: More sunshine to come this evening, although hazy for many. Thicker cloud in western Scotland , with an odd shower in the far northwest of Cumbria and central Ireland.

Issued: 14:25hrs Friday 18th May 2018

Simon: Despite the sunshine for many it does feel chilly out there this afternoon. A chilly night to follow where skies are clear too.

Issued: 11:49hrs Friday 18th May 2018

Simon: Raining in western and northern Scotland this aftenrnoon, most of it light and patchy. Some cloud in Ireland and western coasts of Wales, but mostly dry elsewhere with more sunshine to come.

Issued: 07:01hrs Friday 18th May 2018

Simon: Another day of sunshine for many today, although there is some morning low cloud affecting coasts of East Anglia and SE England. Higher cloud in the west making sunshine hazy with thicker cloud in Ireland and western Scotland where there is a risk of patchy rain.