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Scratchbox - February 22, 2017
Issued: 10:29hrs Wednesday 22th February 2017

Garry: Rain persists across Wales today, patchy for central England. Showery in Scotland. Blustery.

Issued: 16:51hrs Tuesday 21th February 2017

Garry: Persistent rain affects the north- west this evening. Staying mild in the south, cooler north.

Issued: 12:17hrs Tuesday 21th February 2017

Garry: Rain becoming increasingly persistent in the west this afternoon. Largely dry east & south.

Issued: 08:21hrs Tuesday 21th February 2017

Garry: Dull and damp across central- southern Britain this morning. Brighter in the north & east.

Issued: 16:56hrs Monday 20th February 2017

Garry: A cloudy, damp but mild night for many. Cooler where skies clear in the north.

Issued: 12:37hrs Monday 20th February 2017

Garry: A very mild day: Latest temperature observations showing up to 16C in eastern Britain.

Issued: 08:21hrs Monday 20th February 2017

Garry: Very mild today. Heavy rain in W Scotland will ease. Patchy rain elsewhere in west. Dry for many.

Issued: 08:02hrs Sunday 19th February 2017

John: another mild day today with central and eastern areas fine and dry with the best of the sunshine. Cloudier in the west with spots of drizzly rain. More persistent and heavy rain affects northern Scotland late in the afternoon.

Issued: 16:10hrs Saturday 18th February 2017

John Hawarden reached 15C which is over double what it should be for today.

Issued: 08:09hrs Saturday 18th February 2017

John: rain is affecting Scotland with England and Wales having a dry day. Some dense fog patches are affecting parts of south west England first thing. Mild today.

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