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Scratchbox - December 18, 2017
Issued: 12:58hrs Monday 18th December 2017

Garry: A bright December afternoon for many, although there's low cloud north & west. Extensive fog forming this evening in central & south-east England.

Issued: 08:34hrs Monday 18th December 2017

Garry: A chilly frosty start to Monday morning. A bright dry day for many.

Issued: 14:16hrs Sunday 17th December 2017

Garry: A wet afternoon for central & south- east England. Dregs of rain left for the north & west, and a lot of low cloud.

Issued: 08:50hrs Sunday 17th December 2017

Garry: A dull day for most places. Rain in the north & west advancing into central areas. Temperatures lifting slowly.

Issued: 12:03hrs Saturday 16th December 2017

Garry: A zone of showers extends across central Britain where it's staying generally cloudy. Sunshine best in the south & east today.

Issued: 08:41hrs Saturday 16th December 2017

Garry: Showers moving into NW England & the Midlands, and a isolated snow flurries in northern parts of Scotland & Ireland. Otherwise largely dry, but cold and frosty.

Issued: 14:19hrs Friday 15th December 2017

Matt: Few showers continue across parts of the east, these locally wintry but emphasis is on a lot of dry weather with some mid-afternoon sunny spells. Quickly becoming cold this evening though across many areas after sunset with a widespread frost and icy patches developing.

Issued: 10:20hrs Friday 15th December 2017

Matt: Cold weather continues with some wintry showers in places too, especially across parts of NE England and parts of Wales. Plenty of dry and sunny weather though across more inland areas of the British Isles after a frosty and icy start.

Issued: 17:13hrs Thursday 14th December 2017

Simon: It's a mess out there again this evening. bands of showers affecting many northern and western areas, some of these wintry and heavy on hills. Drier to the south and east but feeling cold.

Issued: 10:03hrs Thursday 14th December 2017

Matt: Showers, wintry at times, continue to fed into parts of Scotland, NW England, Ireland, Wales and SW England, sleet and snow primarily on hills though. Many central and eastern areas of England often dry with some sunny spells. All areas remaining cold.

Issued: 07:31hrs Thursday 14th December 2017

Simon: Breezy in the south and west today. Showers in the west, wintry on hills. Better to the east. Chilly for all.

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