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Scratchbox - August 25, 2016
Issued: 15:50hrs Wednesday 24th August 2016

Simon: Patchy rain now into south Wales with heavier rain heading towards the south coasts of England.

Issued: 07:45hrs Wednesday 24th August 2016

Simon: Mostly dry today with more cloud for many than yesterday. Sunshine northern and western parts of the UK. Hot again in the southeast with some rain here into this evening.

Issued: 15:49hrs Tuesday 23th August 2016

Simon: Some patchy rain this evening in Scotland, otherwise most places dry overnight.

Issued: 07:26hrs Tuesday 23th August 2016

Simon: Rain for western and central Scotland today, becoming drier for northern Ireland. Good spells of very warm sunshine England and Wales and turning hot in the southeast.

Issued: 13:36hrs Monday 22th August 2016

Garry: Rain across northern England will slowly fade this afternoon. Best chance for sunshine toward the south coast.

Issued: 08:08hrs Monday 22th August 2016

Garry: Heavy rain across northern England this morning, some persistent falls for west Wales too. Patchy rain elsewhere. Humid and largely dry in south today. Fresher with showers in Scotland.

Issued: 08:05hrs Sunday 21th August 2016

John: pockets of rain across England and Wales tend to fade through the day. More persistent rain runs in across Wales and south west England in the afternoon.

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