Scratchbox - November 28, 2014
Issued: 07:35hrs Friday 28th November 2014

Simon: A mild and mainly cloudy day today. Dry for most, although a few spots of rain on hills. There is a chance of some brighter weather getting into southern England this afternoon though.

Issued: 16:21hrs Thursday 27th November 2014

Garry: Cloudy for many again on Friday, although a little brighter in the south as the breeze freshens. Mild in south at 12 or 13C.

Issued: 08:09hrs Thursday 27th November 2014

Garry: Another dull and damp November morning for most. Patchy rain and drizzle affecting eastern regions this morning.

Issued: 07:48hrs Wednesday 26th November 2014

Simon: Rain in northern and eastern England this morning. Rather cloudy elsewhere with some spots of drizzle, but I am hopeful of some brighter spells coming through the the far southwest later.

Issued: 17:12hrs Tuesday 25th November 2014

Simon: Get ready for a damp and murky night ahead as rain spreads north.

Issued: 07:50hrs Tuesday 25th November 2014

Simon: It's another cold start in much of southern England and Wales with icy roads and fog patches, Milder to the north where there is more cloud.

Issued: 12:14hrs Monday 24th November 2014

Simon: Sunny spells for much of England, Wales and eastern Scotland this afternoon, but always thicker cloud in the west.

Issued: 08:13hrs Monday 24th November 2014

Simon: It's been a chilly morning, but as the sun rises the day should be a fair one for most of us. Thicker cloud in western Scotland and Ireland bringing some rain later here.

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