Scratchbox - January 25, 2015
Issued: 08:07hrs Sunday 25th January 2015

John: southeastern parts of England starting the day with temperatures at or below freezing so frosty start with sunny spells. Northern and western areas are more cloudy and a bit milder and we will find light outbreaks of rain and drizzle making their way in from the west.

Issued: 11:27hrs Saturday 24th January 2015

John: lots of dry, sunny weather across much of England and Wales while heavy showers are affecting Scotland.

Issued: 07:54hrs Saturday 24th January 2015

John: It's turn colder as the overnight rain has cleared the south leaving slippery roads and pavements behind.

Issued: 11:21hrs Friday 23th January 2015

Simon: Rain now through Scotland heaving into northwest England and Wales. The front is fragmented, but still some moderate rain in Scotland.

Issued: 07:18hrs Friday 23th January 2015

Simon: It's been the coldest night of the winter so far in England, and there are some freezing fog patches i England and Wales this morning. These clearing as rain reaches Scotland and Ireland, then spreads east through today.

Issued: 13:37hrs Thursday 22th January 2015

Simon: A frost in places overnight but it should be dry for most. A few mist and fog patches by the morning.

Issued: 07:14hrs Thursday 22th January 2015

Simon: A quiet day with a fair amount of cloud, dry for most and some breaks appearing in the cloud in the east.

Issued: 07:29hrs Wednesday 21th January 2015

Simon: There's been some snow overnight in the Midlands and northern England. This continues, focused through Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire. High level routes are tricky to pass this morning in this area. The snow should fade as the day progresses.

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