Scratchbox - October 21, 2014
Issued: 19:52hrs Monday 20th October 2014

Okay ladies and gents, here we go with the main show. Peak gusts throughout the night updated here updated here.

Issued: 08:15hrs Monday 20th October 2014

Simon: The calm before the storm today. Bits of rain in the north and west, but drier east and south. Then get prepared for widespread severe gales overnight and through much of Tuesday.

Issued: 08:21hrs Sunday 19th October 2014

John: this morning will see the last of the rain clearing from southeast England. Plenty of heavy showers will affect Scotland and northwest England driven eastward on gusts of 50 miles an hour.

Issued: 09:02hrs Saturday 18th October 2014

John: an early advisory for the potential of possible damaging gusts of wind on Tuesday as remnants of hurricane Gonzalo may affect Britain. At the moment there is some uncertainty on the exact position and track of the low, but there is the potential for wind gusts of 80mph across the north and east of Britain that could lead to disruption.

Issued: 08:48hrs Saturday 18th October 2014

John: an area of slow moving. Rain will affect Midlands, East Anglia and the south east through the day.

Issued: 08:48hrs Saturday 18th October 2014

John: an extremely mild start with low temperatures of only 18C across the south east, which is about 4 degrees above normal maximums.

Issued: 06:49hrs Friday 17th October 2014

John: rain across northern Scotland will be clearing and for many it will be a largely dry day until rain reaches western Britain later in the afternoon.

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