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Seasonal outlook - January 02, 2012
High pressure dominates
Brifer wetter spells

Issued: Monday 2nd January 2012
Duty forecasters: Simon Keeling & Captain Bob

The month begins on a westerly note with high pressure to the south and west, this becoming a large feature to the west through the first week, a colder northerly digging in as low pressure clears to the east of the British Isles.
High pressure reasserts over the UK and persists as a large moving feature over the UK, through to mid-month until declining only to be replaced by a developing feature to the east, the potential for a rather wintry spell to establish as low pressure to the west and southwest attempts to push into the UK.
This block should hold fast so a rather mixed regime of colder weather entrenched to the east, with less cold and eventually milder weather desperately attempting to dislodge this, on current evidence without much success until the latter stages of the month.
Less cold weather should reach western and north-western Britain, but all areas will see a rather strong southerly to south-easterly flow for much of the time, central and eastern Britain remains rather chilly for much of the time throughout.

The anticyclonic block looks as if it'll be maintained, so much so that there is startlingly little to suggest that this will be removed through until mid-March, in the interim it'll be high pressure conditions to the east, a strong southerly flow to the west, this only easing as high pressure periodically ridges through the UK and stalled low pressure to the west fills and moves away. Any precipitation should be concentrated through western and north-western where it'll be very windy at times too with gales at times.
Through the middle of the month at long last the block should be shunted out of the way allowing low pressure to break through and the Atlantic floodgates open to the whole the UK. Showers or longer outbreaks of rain, it'll still be on the cool side for many and windy, drier weather establishing once more across the south as pressure rises.
The month ends where it began with yet another strong rise of pressure, an anticyclone drifting into the UK to establish to the east, another block forming the halt the progress of Atlantic systems. Bright and sunny for many, a chilly and brisk easterly top north-easterly flow establishing to take us through to the beginning of April.

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