Seasonal outlook - June 24, 2015
Most rain south
Better September

Issued: Wednesday 24th June 2015
Duty forecasters: Simon Keeling & Captain Bob

Current thoughts are that August is likely to be a rather mixed month with a north-south split across the UK and Ireland.
High pressure will have a tendency to be to the northeast of the country and this may well lead to Scotland being drier than normal for much of the month.
With the jet stream pushed further south it is likely that more southern parts of Ireland and the UK are going to be wetter than normal with periods of rain at times.
Temperatures probably close to or above normal across much of the northern UK, but below normal in the south.

The area of high pressure tending to want to stay north of the country through September.
The jet stream again pushed further south bringing most rain to southern England and Wales as well as southern Ireland. Rainfall totals probably close to normal here and near normal temperatures overall too.
Drier weather elsewhere, although staying rather mixed with some rain at times and overall milder than normal. For many it might be a fine September.

Captain Bob & Simon Keeling
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