Seasonal outlook - September 22, 2015
Stormy November
Better late December

Issued: Tuesday 22nd September 2015
Duty forecasters: Simon Keeling & Captain Bob

Current indications are that November is likely to be a very unsettled month.
It is hard to pin down detail for the month but our suspicion is that there will be frequent spells of rain, together with strong to gale force winds.
Rainfall totals significantly above the average for the month are likely.
Overall it is expected to be milder than average, although there could be some brief spells of cold, showery weather, more notably from mid month. A risk of some wintry weather, although short-lived, later.

Conditions are expected to be remaining stormy for the beginning of December. Strong winds and frequent gales are likely, and rain may be heavy. Once again there could be short lived spells of colder weather which could bring snow the hills of the north.
From mid-month conditions may become less unsettled, and although not completely dry it should tend towards drier conditions. Possibly turning cooler too, although with temperatures not far below the seasonal average.
The Christmas period could be rather mixed, although we currently lean more towards dry and frosty rather than wet and windy.

Simon Keeling
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