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Europe forecast - March 18, 2018
Very Cold North
Warm South

Issued: 0530hrs Sunday 18th March 2018
Duty forecaster: Matthew Hugo

Very cold across northern Europe as winter weather continues, much milder, if not warmer but unsettled across more central and southern areas

Into Sunday and a distinct north and south divide in the weather is forecast across Europe. Much of central and northern areas of Europe including the British Isles, France, Belgium, Germany, Poland, all of Scandinavia, for example, will be bitterly cold with some snow showers at times and with a significant wind-chill factor. Many southern areas of Europe including, Spain, Portugal, Italy, all of the Med and through towards Greece and surrounding countries will be very unsettled as low pressure dominates. Many countries at risk of rain or showers at times, perhaps with some thundery weather in places, but it will be markedly milder than northern Europe, if not quite warm in places, especially across more eastern areas of the Med.

During Monday and, overall, not a great deal of change is expected. Many northern areas of Europe will continue to be very cold for the latter half of March with further below average temperatures across the British Isles, Norway, Sweden and Finland where some significant snowfall are possible. Equally, many central areas of Europe will remain cold as well, while some longer spells of snow develop across parts of Poland and more eastern areas of Europe. Low pressure will, however, continue to be slow moving through central areas of the Med, bringig further unsettled weather with rain and showers across Iberia, eastwards into Italy where downpours are possible. Some heavy showers are possible across Cyprus and Greece as well but it will remain very mild here, if not rather warm.