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Europe forecast - April 26, 2018
Rather Unsettled
Cool North, Warm South

Issued: 0530hrs Thursday 26th April 2018
Duty forecaster: Matthew Hugo

Unsettled conditions prevail across most areas of Europe to end the working week, but particularly across northern areas

Into Thursday and low pressure dominates across many northern areas of Europe bringing rain or showers to Norway, Finland and Sweden and still with some wintry precpitation here too, especially across northern areas of each country. Unsettled and cool conditions prevail across the British Isles, while some heavy and slow moving thundery showers develop across France, Spain and Portugal as the day progresses. Much of the Med will be warm or very warm but with low pressure also developing here then some heavy and thundery showers are possible too, especially across parts of Italy and also perhaps across Greece and Turkey during the afternoon as well.

During Friday and low pressure continues to be the dominant feature across much of Europe, but with the exception of parts of Poland, Belarus and Ukraine where a weak area of high pressure may well lead to a fairly settled and sunny day. Elsewhere though and cool and showery conditions continue across Scandinavia, while longer spells of rain may well develop across parts of England, Wales and France as low pressure develops here. Further cool and showery weather is forecast across Portugal and Spain with afternoon downpours and similarly localised heavy showers are possible almost anywhere throughout the Med during the afternoon, but it will remain much warmer here than more northern areas of Europe, especially across parts of Italy, into Greece and Turkey where temperatures may well rise above 25C through the afternoon.