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Europe forecast - April 21, 2018
Unsettled North
Fine and Warm South

Issued: 0530hrs Saturday 21st April 2018
Duty forecaster: Matthew Hugo

Generally cooler and more unsettled across northern Europe this weekend, warmer and drier elsewhere.

Into Saturday and low pressure will continue to dominate across much of Norway, Sweden and Finland and it is across these northern areas of Europe where the coolest and most unsettled conditions will be through the day. Elsewhere and it is high pressure that will continue to dominate bringing further fine and settled conditions through much of Europe, extended westwards from Slovakia into Germany, down towards Italy, westwards into France and much of Iberia too. High pressure will also be maintained across much of the British Isles where it will also be warm as well. A very pleasant mid-April day is, as a result, to be expected across much of Europe, with the exception of far northern areas.

During Sunday and rather cool, if not rather cold and showery conditions will develop across Norway, Sweden and Finland in association with N'ly winds. The recent warmth across the UK will clear as more unsettled conditions and cooler weather spread eastwards through the day. The remainder of Europe though will experience a lot of dry and sunny weather, with warm or very warm conditions, especially across France, down into Spain and Portugal and throughout the Med. Some afternoon downpours and thunderstorms may, however, develop across some central areas of France and perhaps more specifically across more central and southern areas of Iberia. Some of the best conditions will be across Germany, down towards Switzerland and surrounding countries and also across Italy where fine, warm and sunny conditions will dominate.