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Europe forecast - March 20, 2018
Often Unsettled
Cold North, Mild South

Issued: 0530hrs Tuesday 20th March 2018
Duty forecaster: Matthew Hugo

Often unsettled, especially on Monday, while Tuesday will bring some drier weather to central and western areas of Europe. A marked north and south divide in temperatures.

Into Tuesday and, overall, it is low pressure that will dominate the weather across most of Europe, but with the exception of the British Isles where it will be more settled. Elsewhere though and a lot of unsettled weather is forecast with widespread rain and showers through Iberia, eastwards towards Italy and with some significant snowfall expected in the Alps too. Low pressure dominates over Greece, bringing some thundery downpours, while many eastern areas of Europe, including Slovakia and Romania are also unsettled too with some rain or showers and rather cold. Very cold weather is forecast across France for the time of year given a NE'ly wind and this also making much of Iberia particularly cold as well.

On Wednesday and high pressure will build into much of France, Spain and Portugal, along with some other central areas of Europe, including Switzerland and Germany, for example. It is across these more central and western areas of Europe where the best of the weather will be through the day, mainly dry with some sunshine but still rather chilly for the time of year. Unsettled weather will continue across eastern areas of Europe, including Poland and surrounding countries, while low pressure persists across Scandinavia too, bringing snow to parts of Norway and Finland in particular, perhaps with a major snowfall here through the day. Unsettled weather does continue through much of the Med with a slow moving low pressure near Italy bringing rain and showers, these extending eastwards into Romania and some northern areas of Greece and nearby countries. Some of the best weather will be across Cyprus and far eastern areas of the Med where mainly dry and warm with some sunny spells.

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