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European Summary - July 26, 2016
Staying hot south
Thundery central Europe

Issued: 0530hrs Tuesday 26th July 2016
Duty forecaster: Garry Nicholson

Very warm & humid eastern Europe & Baltic regions

Very high temperatures continue across Iberia, topping 40C in south-western Spain and Portugal, with lots of sunshine. Chance of a thundery shower over the Pyrenees. Much of the Mediterranean is fine and warm, widely into the 30s Celsius. Areas of thunderstorms will break out for central-southern Italy and the Balkans. Dry and sunny for the Greek Islands.
A ridge of high pressure over Biscay brings a fair day for much of France, with pleasant temperatures in the north at 21 to 24C. Reaching 28 to 32C in southern France. Thundery rain will be widespread across the Alpine countries and much of southern Germany. Areas of thunderstorms also for the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania. Hot across eastern Europe, topping 30C in Poland and Ukraine.
Dry for the Low Countries, Denmark and northern Germany. Slack pressure across Scandinavia brings a mix of dry weather and slow moving heavy showers. North-western Norway is likely to see some persistent rain, and feeling cool, but it will be warm in eastern Sweden and Finland, highs 25C.

High pressure stays toward the south-west of Europe, whilst shallow low pressure affects central-eastern countries. Another scorching hot day across Spain and Portugal. Small risk a thundery shower over the Pyrenees. Staying hot too across the Mediterranean, with further thunderstorms scattered across Italy, the Balkan states and mainland Greece . The Greek Islands and areas around the Black Sea will be dry and hot. Dry and comfortably warm for France, temperatures 22 to 25C for northern-central Europe. Thundery rain remains widespread across the Alps, south-eastern Germany and into the Czech Republic and Poland. High temperatures and humid conditions continue to affect eastern Europe.
Fronts bring cloud and occasional rain to Belgium and the Netherlands, spreading toward Denmark later. Occasional rain for western Norway. Mainly dry and warm in Sweden and Finland. Some rain in the far north of Scandinavia.

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