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Week ahead - May 22, 2018
Plenty Of Dry Weather and Warm
Some Showers In The South

High pressure will maintain a lot of fine weather across many areas throughout the forecast period but some showers can't be ruled out in the south

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Friday 25/5/18
Into Friday and at the moment high pressure remains the dominant feature of the weather maintaining the dry conditions. Further bright or sunny spells are forecast, perhaps especially across more northern and western areas where more prolonged sunshine is possible. E'ly breeze continues though so cooler across eastern areas and perhaps with more cloud here and a some scattered showers are possible across S England through the day. Highs 15C to 21C, warmest in the west.

Saturday 26/5/18
At the moment no major changes are forecast by Saturday with high pressure still the dominant feature, perhaps situated just to the north and north-east. This means an E'ly breeze will continue, especially across England and Wales, so cooler near eastern counties of England and perhaps cloudier here as well. Best of the sunshine is most likely to continue to be across more northern and western areas, while a few showers still remain possible in the south. Still warm, but certainly cooler across eastern counties of England nearest to the N Sea. Highs 15C to 21C.

Sunday 27/5/18
Still little change is currently predicted even by Sunday as high pressure remains slow moving just to the north and north-east of the British Isles. This will maintain dry weather across many areas and with further bright or sunny spells, especially in the north and west. Still cloudier, perhaps, in the south and east and with still the potential for a cooler E'ly breeze across eastern counties of England, while a few showers remain possible in the south. Temperatures near average, highs 14C to 20C, warmest in the west still.

Monday 28/5/18
At the moment very similar weather conditions will continue into the following week as high pressure remains slow moving. There may be an increased risk of some showers moving into more southern counties of England by this point, perhaps even heavy and thundery, but, overall, the dry and sunny conditions look set to persist across many areas and remaining warm. Highs 15C to 21C.

Tuesday 29/5/18
Uncertainties by next Tuesday but the risk of some further heavy showers, perhaps even thunderstorms may well continue across more central and southern areas of England and Wales, perhaps extending northwards. However, more northern areas of the British Isles are likely to remain settled as high pressure continues to dominate just to the north. Many areas warm or very warm, perhaps rather humid in the south too. Highs 16C to 23C.

Wednesday 30/5/18
At the moment a more unsettled weather pattern may evolve by next Wednesday with the risk of heavy showers or thunderstorms across England, Wales and Ireland potentially extending northwards to Scotland too. However, it will be more northern areas of the British Isles that maintain the driest and sunnier conditions. Many areas warm or very warm and perhaps very humid too across England and Wales. Highs, 17C to 24C.

Week Ahead
General Remarks
We, 23.05. mostly sunny 15° - 21° 90%
Th, 24.05. mostly sunny 16° - 21° 80%
Fr, 25.05. various clouds, light rain 15° - 21° 70%
Sa, 26.05. various clouds, light rain 15° - 21° 60%
Su, 27.05. various clouds, light rain 14° - 20° 50%
Mo, 28.05. various clouds, rain 15° - 21° 40%
Tu, 29.05. various clouds, heavy rain 16° - 23° 35%
We, 30.05. various clouds, heavy showers and thunderstorms 17° - 24° 30%
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