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Week ahead - June 28, 2017
Mixed early July
Some warmth, risk of thunder

Issued: 1000hrs Wednesday 28th June 2017
Duty forecaster: Garry Nicholson

Rain mostly north-west this weekend

A fresh westerly pattern this weekend brings rain to the north-west, but elsewhere should be frequently dry. Next week should become warmer, but it looks a struggle to fully settle down in the first part of July, with slack pressure during midweek bringing a risk of thundery rain developing.

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Saturday 01/07/16
A brief ridge of high pressure topples eastwards across Britain. This should bring a fair day to many central, southern & eastern regions, with variable cloud and sunny spells, best in the east and near coasts. A warm front pushes into the north-west, where cloud will thicken, and rain is likely to develop for Scotland & Northern Ireland, heaviest in the west. A westerly breeze. Highs 14 to 17C north-west, 20 to 22C south-east.

Sunday 02/07/16
A weakening frontal system is expected to pass south-eastwards into Sunday, leaving the remnants of a cold front across the English Channel. Partly cloudy skies and a risk of patchy rain or a local shower in the south. Showers more frequent for north-western Britain & Ireland. Fairly cloudy, especially in the west, whilst east & central areas should see some sun. A brisk westerly wind, strongest in Scotland. Highs 15 to 20C.

Monday 03/07/16
Pressure is likely to build briefly from the south-west and may result in a fair day for many places with sunny spells. A continued cool westerly breeze is likely to affect northern Britain, producing areas of showers. Winds should ease through the day. Becoming warmer in the south. Highs 15 to 17C Scotland & N Ireland, 18 to 21C central-northern England & Wales, 21 to 23C south.

Tuesday 04/07/16
Detail becomes uncertain into midweek. Broadly, it should become warmer and more humid as the airflow turns to the south-west or south, but pressure may also fall from the west, resulting in areas of rain developing for Ireland & western Britain. Central & south-eastern England may escape dry, with warm sunshine. Highs 19 to 24C.

Wednesday 05/07/16
Low pressure is expected to drift across the country, although confidence is low. Some warm sunshine possible, but a risk of thundery rain developing. Winds mostly light and variable. Highs 19 to 26C.

Thursday 06/07/16
A threat of thundery rain pivoting slowly northwards across the country, perhaps turning widely unsettled with gusty winds. Warm and humid in any sunshine, but cooler in the north. Highs 18 to 25C.

Week Ahead
General Remarks
Th, 29.07. cloudy, rain 12° - 21° 90%
Fr, 30.07. various clouds, rain 13° - 22° 80%
Sa, 01.07. various clouds, light rain 14° - 22° 80%
Su, 02.07. various clouds, light rain 13° - 21° 70%
Mo, 03.07. various clouds 15° - 23° 60%
Tu, 04.07. various clouds, light rain 16° - 24° 50%
We, 05.07. cloudy, rain 17° - 26° 40%
Th, 06.07. cloudy, rain 18° - 25° 30%
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