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Week ahead - February 23, 2018
Coldest week for many years
Disruptive snowfalls

Issued: 1100hrs Friday 23rd February 2018
Duty forecaster: Garry Nicholson

Exceptionally low temperatures

High pressure centred over Scandinavia unleashes a frigid Siberian air mass across most of Europe next week, with bitter easterly winds sweeping into Britain. Temperatures will stay close to freezing all week, and some areas are likely to stay sub-zero for several days. There will be some exceptionally low overnight temperatures. Disruptive snowfall is possible, especially in the east & north-east, but many places may well see snow at some point next week.

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Monday 26/02/18
Easterly winds across the country. Snow flurries will affect eastern England and Scotland, spreading inland into Yorkshire and the Peak District, perhaps more widely into the Midlands. Bands of snow showers may also affect Kent and Sussex. Snow may well become increasingly persistent in some areas. Generally cloudy. Some sun toward western coasts. Temperatures near 0C for most, feeling well below freezing in the wind. Up to 3C in the south-west.

Tuesday 27/02/18
Very cold conditions continue, and significant snow is possible. A trough of low pressure moving in from the North Sea brings a risk of snow becoming heavier, focused on east and north-eastern regions, but snow may sweep across much of the country. Substantial accumulations are possible on eastern hills from the Peak District to the Grampians, but snow will also lie to the lowest levels. Staying near or below freezing point all day.

Wednesday 28/02/18
Continued easterly winds maintain extremely cold weather through midweek. Severe frost overnight, with minimum temperatures -5 to -10C or locally lower. Further snow is possible for some, mainly eastern areas, but some bands of showers over the English Channel may bring heavy snow to parts of Devon and Cornwall. Daytime temperatures staying sub-zero for some, and only 0 to 2C at best.

Thursday 01/03/18
A continuing very cold pattern. Some further snow flurries possible. Easterly winds and bitterly cold temperatures - staying close to freezing by day and scope for exceptionally low overnight temperatures widely below -5C, but in many rural areas -10C or lower is possible.

Friday 02/03/18
Little overall change - staying cold. Detail uncertain, further snow is possible for some. A chance of snow developing more widely in the south if fronts try and encroach north from Biscay. Hard frost and daytime temperatures around freezing point.

Saturday 03/03/18
Staying cold, with an easterly weather pattern prevailing. Possible snow flurries, and a small risk of some more organised snow in the south. Highs 0 to 3C at best.

Week Ahead
General Remarks
Sa, 24.02. mostly sunny  -  90%
Su, 25.02. mostly sunny  -  80%
Mo, 26.02. various clouds, light snow  -  80%
Tu, 27.02. cloudy, heavy snow -1° -  70%
We, 28.02. various clouds, snow -2° -  60%
Th, 01.03. various clouds, snow -3° -  50%
Fr, 02.03. various clouds, snow -1° -  40%
Sa, 03.03. various clouds, snow -1° -  40%
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