Week ahead - January 30, 2015
Cold, occasional snow
Persistent northerly winds

Issued: 1000hrs Friday 30th January 2015
Duty forecaster: Garry Nicholson

Frequent snow showers near coasts in east, west & north

A cold pattern will persist into the new week, with northerly winds the dominant feature. Bands of snow showers will push southwards, occasionally merging into a longer fall of snow. Greatest risk of frequent snow is areas exposed to the northerly wind, in eastern and north-eastern counties of England and Scotland, plus Northern Ireland and north Wales. Less snow and more sunshine inland. Hard frosts where skies clear overnight.

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Monday 02/02/15
A chilly northerly flow continues to affect Britain and Ireland on Monday. The wind not as strong as previous days, with widespread ice and frost to start the day. Snow showers most frequent in areas exposed to the northerly flow, mostly confined to eastern coastal counties of England and Scotland, plus northern Scotland, north and west Wales. Ireland too will see frequent snow showers moving southwards. Occasional sunshine and fewer showers in central areas of Britain. Low risk of an area of sleet and snow affecting the south-west as a small area of low pressure moves south-east toward Biscay. Temperatures not far above freezing in the north, around 3C for the Midlands to 4 or 5C in southern England.

Tuesday 03/02/15
Another chilly day with the wind from the north, bringing bands of snow showers southwards across the country. A small scale area of low pressure moving southwards in this flow may intensify snow showers into a more organised band, most likely in western regions of Britain, perhaps also Northern Ireland giving further accumulations of snow. Eastern coasts again will see bands of snow showers moving south. Central regions likely to remain drier and brighter overall. Widespread icy conditions. Highs 0 to 3C, but feeling below freezing in the wind.

Wednesday 04/02/15
A northerly pattern continues. Snow showers continue to affect North Sea coastal regions, pushing into East Anglia, perhaps the eastern Midlands, and across north-eastern Scotland. Fewer showers in western regions as pressure slowly builds. Icy and widespread frost overnight where skies remain clear. Daytime highs 0 to 4C.

Thursday 05/02/15
High pressure slowly building from the west later in the week, allowing most showers in the west to fade away, but it is likely to remain cold. Snow showers continue close to North Sea coasts. Overnight hard frosts where skies remain clear. Variable cloud and sunny spells throughout the day. Highs 0 to 4C.

Friday 06/02/15
High pressure toward the west, with a cool pattern remaining across the country. Areas of cloud and showery sleet or snow may come and go, but likely more sporadic than previous days. Milder air and fronts brings patchy rain to north-west Scotland. Cold and frosty overnight where skies remain clear. Daytime highs 2 to 5C.

Saturday 07/02/15
Confidence low by the weekend. Likely becoming less cold, with high pressure trying to build across southern areas, introducing a west to north-westerly flow across northern Britain. Periods of rain, or hill snow in northern Britain. Highs 2 to 6C.

Week Ahead
General Remarks
Sa, 31.01. various clouds, snow  -  90%
Su, 01.02. various clouds, snow  -  85%
Mo, 02.02. various clouds, snow  -  75%
Tu, 03.02. various clouds, heavy snow -1° -  70%
We, 04.02. various clouds, light snow  -  65%
Th, 05.02. various clouds, light snow  -  60%
Fr, 06.02. various clouds, light sleet  -  55%
Sa, 07.02. various clouds, light sleet  -  50%
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