Week ahead - December 26, 2014
Cold and dry
Widespread frost

Issued: 1030hrs Friday 26th December 2014
Duty forecaster: Garry Nicholson

Milder with rain slowly developing in the far west

High pressure will bring cold and frosty conditions across Britain up to New Year, with some very cold nights, and the risk of freezing fog patches locally. Most places remain dry, apart from isolated snow flurries in the south-east. By the end of the week, milder air slowly spreads from the west, but may be slow to reach eastern areas.

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Monday 29/12/14
High pressure positioned across the British Isles will bring a dry, bright and frosty day. A very cold start, with a widespread hard frost under clear skies, and the risk of local freezing fog patches. The chance of a few snow showers clipping the south-east of England. A cold feeling day for much of the country, slightly milder near to western coasts, with a strong south-westerly breeze for western regions of Ireland and Scotland. Daytime highs struggling to do better than 0 to 3C for most of Britain, nearer 6C further west.

Tuesday 30/12/14
High pressure remains dominant across Britain, bringing cold, dry and frosty conditions to many. A southerly breeze affects Ireland and western Scotland. A hard frost again, unlikely to lift throughout the day, but there will be plenty of sunshine. Again the threat of local patches of freezing fog. The far west and north-west will stay slightly milder with more cloud. The coldest air likely to affect central and south-eastern Britain. Highs struggling to do better than 0 to 2C for many, up to 4 or 5C in the far west.

New Year's Eve 31/12/14
High pressure maintains a cold and dry theme for most, whilst a southerly breeze again brings more cloud and a little patchy rain to Ireland and western Scotland where it remains slightly milder. Another very cold night, and frost in the ground all day. Local freezing fog. Highs 1 to 5C.

New Year's Day 01/01/15
A battleground between milder air in the west and colder air in the east to start the New Year. Likely to stay cold and dry in central and south-eastern Britain, but increasingly cloudy. The north and west remains milder with more breeze, and rain affects Ireland and western Scotland, locally turning to snow over the Highlands. Top temperatures near 8C in the west, but just 2 or 3C for much of England and Wales.

Friday 02/01/15
An increasing likelihood of milder south-westerly air spreading further across the country. Rain spreads slowly south-east across Britain, but may be preceded by snow, before turning to rain for most. Ireland may brighten up for a time, before further rain approaches from the west. Staying cold in the east, but milder in the west. Highs 3 to 8C.

Saturday 03/01/15
Most likely unsettled and milder by the weekend, at least temporarily. However a good deal of uncertainty, and there remains a risk of colder air remaining in place, particularly central and eastern Britain. Most rain in west. Highs 3 to 8C.

Week Ahead
General Remarks
Sa, 27.12. various clouds, sleet  -  85%
Su, 28.12. various clouds  -  80%
Mo, 29.12. various clouds, light snow  -  75%
Tu, 30.12. mostly sunny  -  75%
We, 31.12. various clouds, light rain  -  70%
Th, 01.01. various clouds, light rain  -  60%
Fr, 02.01. various clouds, light sleet  -  40%
Sa, 03.01. cloudy, light rain  -  30%
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