Week ahead - September 30, 2014
Here comes autumn
All set for a change

Issued: 1200hrs Tuesday 30th September 2014
Duty forecaster: Simon Keeling

Autumn is set to arrive this weekend as low pressure takes control of the weather. It will be bringing cloud, rain and strong winds as well as much cooler temperatures for all. It could be early next week before the real effects of the change are felt, but get set for a bit of a shock to the system after the fine weather of recent weeks.

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Friday 3/10/14
A cold front moves southeast through Scotland and Ireland on Friday morning bringing periods of rain with it. The rain reaching northwest England by late morning. A few spots of rain over the hills of Wales, but mainly dry here. Staying dry too for the rest of England with the best of any sunshine in the south and southeast. Sunny spells and dry weather follow to Scotland and Ireland, although showers affecting western Scotland. A breezy day for many. Highs at 13C in northern Scotland, 21C in southeast England.

Saturday 4/10/14
A cold front will be moving east through the country on Saturday. This brings rain through central and eastern areas at first, with brighter skies then following from the west. Heavy showers affecting the north and west of Scotland as well as western Ireland. Feeling cooler for all with highs of 11 to 17C.

Sunday 5/10/14
A deep area of low pressure is to the west of Scotland on Sunday. This will be bringing cloud and periods of rain or showers to many western areas. The east and south should be brighter with only a scattered of showers here. Highs at 11 to 17C.

Monday 6/10/14
Low pressure west of Scotland on Monday. This gives an unsettled day to all with bands of rain and showers passing east. It is going to be windy and cool too. Highs at 10 to 15C.

Tuesday 7/10/14
Low pressure is expected to be to the north of Scotland on Tuesday. This allows for another unsettled day with a mix of sunshine and showers. The showers could be heavy at times, and there may be more persistent rain in the west and south, together with some cracks of thunder. best of the weather in the east. Highs at 10 to 15C.

Wednesday 8/10/14
Low pressure remains dominant on Wednesday. It drives bands of rain and showers through the country, bringing strong winds to more northern areas. To the south it should be drier with sunny spells. Highs near 11 to 16C.

Week Ahead
General Remarks
We, 01.10. cloudy, light rain 14° - 21° 90%
Th, 02.10. cloudy, light rain 14° - 21° 85%
Fr, 03.10. various clouds, light rain 13° - 21° 80%
Sa, 04.10. various clouds, rain 11° - 17° 75%
Su, 05.10. various clouds, rain 11° - 17° 70%
Mo, 06.10. various clouds, heavy rain 10° - 15° 65%
Tu, 07.10. various clouds, heavy rain 10° - 15° 60%
We, 08.10. various clouds, heavy rain 11° - 16° 60%
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