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Week ahead - May 31, 2016
Some dry days ahead
Fairly warm

Issued: 0900hrs Tuesday 31st May 2016
Duty forecaster: Garry Nicholson

Risk of breaking down next week

High pressure to the north of the British Isles maintains an east or north-easterly pattern. Plenty of dry weather later this week and over the weekend, and some warm sunshine, usually best in the west. Eastern regions often cloudy, dull and cool. Next week sees a risk of rain developing from the west.

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Friday 03/06/16
A north-easterly pattern persists across Britain & Ireland, with high pressure to the north. Most places should see a dry day. Risk of scattered heavy showers breaking out across Scotland. Low cloud may again affect North Sea coasts, giving a cool and dull day across the east. Best sunshine toward the west. Breezy in the north, lighter winds in the south. Temperatures ranging from 13 to 19C from east to west.

Saturday 04/06/16
High pressure remains to the north, but extends a weak ridge across the country. Dry overall. Chance of an isolated shower inland and over the hills. Fairly light north-easterly winds, although Scotland may stay breezy. Low cloud likely to persist across eastern and perhaps central regions, whilst western parts fare best for sunshine. Highs 12 to 15C east, up to 18 to 21C in sunshine west.

Sunday 05/06/16
Pressure remains generally high, so settled weather should continue across the country. Chance of isolated showers in the west, but most likely dry overall. Mainly light easterly winds. Sunshine may break through more widely, and where it does, feeling warmer. Top temperatures 17 to 22C, although the east coast may stay cool where low cloud lingers.

Monday 06/06/16
High pressure to the north and low pressure to the west, maintaining a general east or south-easterly flow. Dry and sunny for many. Low cloud of fog may persist on some eastern coasts. Low pressure over the Atlantic begins to edge in slowly, pushing fronts toward Ireland, bringing a risk of showers to south-western regions. Warm for most, highs 17 to 23C.

Tuesday 07/06/16
Fairly warm as a slack south or south-easterly flow covers the country. Thundery rain may break out as fronts approach from the Atlantic, although some uncertainty about how widespread this rain becomes, greatest risk toward the west & south-west. Warm sunshine toward the east of Britain. Highs 17 to 24C.

Wednesday 08/06/16
Precise detail is uncertain, but a general south to south-easterly flow continues. Warm overall, but a risk of bursts of thundery rain, most likely toward the west of Britain, also across Ireland. Top temperatures 17 to 23C, perhaps warmer.

Week Ahead
General Remarks
We, 01.06. cloudy, rain 11° - 19° 90%
Th, 02.06. various clouds, light rain 12° - 19° 80%
Fr, 03.06. various clouds, light rain 13° - 19° 75%
Sa, 04.06. cloudy 13° - 21° 70%
Su, 05.06. various clouds 13° - 22° 70%
Mo, 06.06. various clouds 15° - 23° 60%
Tu, 07.06. various clouds, light rain 16° - 24° 50%
We, 08.06. various clouds, light rain 16° - 23° 40%
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