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Week ahead - November 17, 2017
Cold north, milder south
Rain, possible snow

Issued: 1000hrs Friday 17th November 2017
Duty forecaster: Garry Nicholson

Grey skies, November murk

There is remarkably low confidence in the forecast detail heading into next week, as cold air across northern Britain battles against milder air trying to encroach from the south. For many places, classically gloomy November weather is likely, with some rain or drizzle. Northern areas have a risk of snow over the hills, but some snow may fall to quite low levels at times.

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Monday 20/11/17
Precise details are uncertain, with a slack pressure pattern and fronts running in from the Atlantic. Generally grey skies. A zone of rain is expected to extend across central-northern areas. Drizzly toward the south. Snow is likely on hills in Scotland & northern England, and a chance that snow falls below 300-400m. Cold air lies across northern Britain, where it may struggle to reach 5C, whilst mild air will be to the south, locally up to 12 or 13C.

Tuesday 21/11/17
Pressure remains slack, and the battle between cold air in the north, and milder air in the south continues. A zone of frontal rain is likely to influence Ireland, west & northern Britain, with a risk of snow over the hills. Cloudy and murky for many. Some clearances toward the north. Frost in the morning for northern & eastern areas, where is likely stays chilly at 4 or 5C. Toward the south & south-west, it may reach 10 to 13C.

Wednesday 22/11/17
A developing area of low pressure to the west of Britain & Ireland is likely to move in and bring a greater risk of wet, windy and milder conditions to most places. A chance that colder air may hold on in northern areas, bringing a risk of hill snow. Risk of gales around western coasts. Highs ranging from 5 to 13C.

Thursday 23/11/17
Staying changeable, with rain or showers affecting many places at some point - wettest in the west. Blustery winds. Possibly milder for all, but a chance that the far north stays cold. Highs 6 to 13C.

Friday 24/11/17
Low pressure somewhere around or to the south-west of Britain brings a risk of rain or showers. Some clearer, brighter spells, with scope for frost. Highs 5 to 12C.

Saturday 25/11/17
Looking unsettled with wind and rain, focused on western areas. Mild in the south, cold in the north. Highs 5 to 13C.

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Week Ahead
General Remarks
Sa, 18.11. various clouds, light rain  - 11° 80%
Su, 19.11. cloudy, light rain  - 10° 70%
Mo, 20.11. cloudy, sleet  - 12° 40%
Tu, 21.11. cloudy, light sleet  - 13° 40%
We, 22.11. cloudy, heavy rain  - 13° 30%
Th, 23.11. cloudy, rain  - 13° 20%
Fr, 24.11. cloudy, light sleet  - 12° 10%
Sa, 25.11. cloudy, light sleet  - 13° 10%
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