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UK Forecast - April 29, 2017
Rain into the south
Very windy from the SE

It becomes very windy today from the south east. A front will be moving slowly in from the south west. Outbreaks of moderate to heavy rain will be across south west England and south western parts of Wales. Elsewhere it's a dry morning with any early sunshine soon giving way to more cloud. In the afternoon that area of rain in the south west is expected to become lighter and more fragmented as it moves into most of Wales and into areas south of the M4 Corridor. To the north it stays fair and dry. Expect maximums of 10 to 15 Celsius with a brisk south easterly wind taking the edge off of normal temperatures.

Sunday Night
It stays rather windy across England in the evening and night. T the moment rain is forecast across Wales, The Midlands and the south of England in the evening. Overnight this may become confined to The Midlands, East Anglia and Cornwall, though there is some uncertainty on the detail. The rest of Britain looks dry but mostly cloudy. Expect minimum temperatures of 6 to 9 Celsius.

A breezy, chilly day to come with cloudy skies across Britain. Outbreaks of rain are likely across England and Wales. Patchy rain may also affect parts of Scotland. A dry day to come across Northern Ireland with morning sunshine. In the afternoon persistent rain is expected across eastern parts of England and Scotland with showers in the west. Cloudy in the evening and night with patchy, light rain in places. Expect highs of tops of 10 to 13 Celsius.

As pressure builds in from the north, a chilly, brisk north easterly wind will be developing. Apart from the odd shower, it's a dry day across Northern Ireland and Scotland albeit rather cloudy. Mostly cloudy as well across England and Wales with scattered showers, most of these light in intensity. Many areas will escape the showers. It continues breezy overnight with clear skies across Scotland. We keep lots of cloud elsewhere and overall it's mainly dry. Temperatures will be below normal with highs of 10 to 14 Celsius and feeling colder in that north east wind.

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