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UK Forecast - January 20, 2017
Sunshine for many
Chilly, frost overnight

A dry, bright and chilly day overall. Plenty of crisp winter sunshine. Low cloud is likely to affect some eastern counties, and will tend to increasingly fill in from the North Sea through the day. Coastal districts of Yorkshire & Lincolnshire may see patchy drizzle develop through the afternoon. A slight east or south-easterly breeze. Feeling chilly, highs just 3 to 5C in central areas, 6 or 7C in the north.

Saturday night
Much of the country will stay dry overnight. Variable cloud. Clearest skies typically in central & eastern Britain. Risk of a few showers in the south-west. Possible snow flurries over the Pennines. A light south to south-easterly breeze around coasts, otherwise little wind. Temperatures near or below freezing for many, and sheltered rural areas dipping to -3 to -5C under clear skies. Some freezing fog patches may form.

Areas of showers are likely to affect south-western Britain, extending north across Wales and perhaps the West Midlands, giving sleet, or snow over the hills, but amounts small. Central & eastern Britain stays dry and bright, sunshine best toward the east. Also bright in northern Scotland. A light breeze, mostly south or south-easterly. Chilly, highs 3 to 6C, perhaps up to 9C in the far south-west.

Pressure remains high across the country and many places will stay dry. Outbreaks of rain or drizzle possible in the south-west. Broken cloud and some sunshine, best toward the north-east. Some freezing fog patches in low lying areas. Light winds for most. A frosty start, and staying chilly during the day, only 3 to 5C, locally cooler should fog linger. Milder around coasts in the south-west, 8 to 10C.

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