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UK Forecast - December 09, 2016
Persistent rain south
Brighter north

A slow moving front affects central & southern Britain. Persistent rain spreads eastwards across the Midlands & southern counties, heaviest toward the south-west. Murky with extensive hill fog. Patchy rain or drizzle in the south-east turns heavier later. Brighter for northern Britain, but expect a few showers in western Scotland. A south-westerly breeze, strongest in the north, also on the south coast. Generally mild, 9 to 12C.

Saturday night
A few hours of rain for south-eastern Britain during Saturday evening, but will clear through the night. Showers for western Scotland. Elsewhere, many areas will be dry overnight, with skies clearing from the west across England & Wales. Local fog patches may form in the Midlands & south-west where winds drop light. A fresh breeze in the north. Temperatures dipping to 4 to 7C, perhaps locally cooler in rural central areas.

A ridge of high pressure builds from the south-west. A fair day for England & Wales. Some early fog patches in central-southern areas, but sunshine breaking through for many. Mostly cloudy skies for northern Britain. Risk of a few showers in Scotland, mainly in the west, but should fade. A brisk westerly breeze across northern Britain, easing slowly. Light winds in the south. Feeling slightly cooler, highs 8 to 11C.

A cool start across central & eastern Britain, a touch of frost in rural areas. Sunshine likely to turn hazy as cloud thickens from the west. Outbreaks of rain likely to affect western Britain & Ireland as fronts move in off the Atlantic, perhaps spreading across much of Wales & central-northern England later. The south & south-east of England should stay dry. A moderate south-westerly breeze. Top temperatures 7C east, 11C west.