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UK Forecast - December 14, 2017
Remaining cold with some wintry showers
Overnight frost and icy patches possible

A cold start with some icy patches, frost and wintry showers are expected in places, but as the day progresses it will, for many areas, become mainly dry with some bright or sunny intervals through the afternoon. A cold day once again in a moderate or fresh N'ly wind and frost soon re-developing into the evening. Highs around 2C to 6C.

Friday night
A cold night for many areas of the British Isles with a fairly widespread frost and some icy patches in places as well. A few wintry showers will continue around the periphery of the British Isles but a lot of dry weather is expected inland. Some local fog or freezing fog patches may be possible in places too. Lows around -4C to +1C.

A lot of dry weather will be maintained nito Saturday, but a weak weather front moving into more western areas may bring some patchy rain or drizzle, perhaps preceded by sleet and snow across parts of Ireland, Wales and W England. Otherwise, emphasis is on a dry day for most with some bright or sunny intervals, still cold too, highs around 3C to 7C.

Saturday night
Into Saturday night and it will become increasingly milder and damp across parts of Scotland and Ireland with some patchy rain and drizzle developing, perhaps wintry on hills. Much of England and Wales though will have a mainly dry night with clear spells and variable cloud with another frost possible, along with some icy patches too and local fog or freezing fog patches. Lows -4C to +3C, highest across W Scotland and Ireland.

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