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UK Forecast - October 16, 2017
Fresher, winds easing
Patchy rain returns south

Strong winds across northern Britain early morning will ease. Showery rain for Scotland, most frequent west & north. A few showers too for Northern Ireland and north-west England. Meanwhile, central England & Wales, plus southern Ireland will be largely dry and bright. A front across the south brings cloudy skies and threat of rain for south & south-west, turning increasingly persistent. Feeling fresh, just 12 to 15C for most, 17C south-east.

Tuesday night
Outbreaks of rain and drizzle continue to affect southern counties of England. This rain may be quite patchy, but some locally persistent and heavy bursts are possible. Some rain drifting toward East Anglia. Showers in Scotland should mostly all fade. Fairly cloudy overall, but some cloud breaks for northern Britain and Ireland will see it drop cool. Temperatures 7 to 12C, locally 5C or below for rural areas in the west & north.

A general south-easterly flow across the country. Weak fronts drift slowly northwards, bringing outbreaks of rain, which will be very hit and miss - risk locally heavy for few hours in central-eastern England. Some rain on and off for Ireland and south-western Britain. Much of Scotland, north-west England & Wales should stay dry, with brightest conditions to the north of high ground, some sunshine. Highs 11 to 16C.

Low pressure focused to the west and fronts passing northwards across Britain are likely to produce outbreaks of rain, some heavy bursts extending into Scotland. Meanwhile, another developing frontal system runs into the south-west and across Ireland, bringing heavy rain which becomes increasingly extensive across England & Wales later in the day. Southerly winds, may reach gale force later in the south. Highs 13 to 17C, warmest in south-east.

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