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UK Forecast - July 25, 2017
Wet and windy Wednesday
Staying showery north-west

Fronts pass quickly eastwards, bringing a spell of rain to most places. Heaviest falls affect the west & north in the morning, whilst eastern England stays dry for several hours. Patchy rain spreads to south-east England into the afternoon. Brightening skies follow from the west, with sunny spells developing for many toward evening. Showery for Northern Ireland & western Scotland. Blustery winds, local gales coasts & hills. Highs 17 to 22C.

Wednesday night
Fronts will have cleared eastwards into the North Sea, leaving clearing skies for much of central & eastern Britain by evening & overnight. Low pressure remains centred toward the north-west, driving frequent showery rain into western parts of Scotland & Ireland. A few showers possible around western coasts of England & Wales. Brisk south-westerly winds, gales in the far north-west. Quite cool, especially rural areas, lows 9 to 13C.

Low pressure centred toward the north-west produces changeable and blustery conditions for the west & north-west of Britain, plus much of Ireland - a mix of bright spells and showers, these locally frequent. For central, eastern & southern England it should be often dry, with just passing light showers and good spells of sunshine. A south-westerly breeze. Highs 15 to 18C north & west, 19 or 20C central areas, 22C south-east.

Low pressure remains to the north-west and high pressure to the south of Britain. Outbreaks of rain or showers in the west & north-west, but largely dry and sunny in the south & east. A small secondary low developing over the Atlantic brings more organised rain to Ireland later, extending to south-western Britain late in the day. A freshening south-westerly breeze. Warmest in east & south-east, highs 17 to 23C.

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