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UK Forecast - November 19, 2017
Windy with rain, drizzle
Much milder in south

With the overnight cloud cover, a less cold start to the day than the past few days as milder air is streaming in from the west. A windy day to come with gusts to 50 mph over and to the east of the Pennines. A misty, murky day with outbreaks of rain and drizzle for mush of Britain. The rain will be heaviest across Scotland and northern England with just some patchy drizzle in the wind in the south. The rain in the north will become much lighter in the afternoon. Expect maximum temperatures of 7 to 9 Celsius for Scotland, 11 to 14 Celsius for England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Monday Night
It stays windy through the evening and the night. Outbreaks of rain and drizzle affects Northern Ireland, northern Scotland and Wales in the evening. Overnight it remains overcast and misty with spells of rain. This will be heavy across Scotland and parts of northern England. Lighter rain is likely across central and southern parts of England and Wales. Extensive mist and fog affects west facing coasts and hills. A mild night to come underneath all the cloud with minimum temperatures of 6 to 10 Celsius in the north and 10 to 12 Celsius in the south.

Not too much of change in the weather pattern on Tuesday as we keep a moist, mild south westerly wind flow. A grey, windy day to come. Central and eastern parts of England may see little in the way of rainfall. The rain should be restricted to Northern Ireland, Scotland, western England and Wales with further low cloud and fog around western coasts. Overnight it stays windy with an area of rain across northern England and Wales. It turns colder across Scotland in the night. Maximum temperatures are expected to be above normal with highs of 11 to 13 Celsius.

A colder day to come across Scotland and Northern Ireland but very mild for England and Wales. We may see strong gales pushing into England and Wales with gusts possible to 70 mph around Irish Sea and channel coasts. Gusts to 50 mph may affect inland areas. The strongest of the winds lessen overnight but still very windy. Overcast across Britain with an area of heavy rain across England and Wales tracking north into Scotland and Northern Ireland through the day. Snow may affect the Highlands. This rain will be followed by blustery showers in the south. Further spells of rain are likely in most areas overnight. Expect highs of 7 to 16 Celsius.

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