UK Forecast - September 24, 2012
More heavy rain
Strong wind in west

A deep area of low pressure in the Irish Sea on Tuesday. This is going to be bringing very windy weather across Wales, Ireland and western England, although remaining windy further east too. Heavy rain across western Wales and England as well as Ireland, this very heavy at times. More rain across western and southern Scotland, although drier to the north. Brighter in eastern and southern areas with sunny spells, although some heavy showers to come here, these blustery and thundery. Highs at a cold 9 to 13C for many, but to 16C in the southeast.

Tuesday Night
More rain overnight over southern and western England as well as Wales. Wet again through Ireland and northern Scotland. Drier across northern England, although there will be some showers here. Generally though it will be a wet and unsettled night for many. Winds will be strong with gales in the west and north. Lows at 7 to 10C.

Low pressure is expected to be south of Devon on Wednesday morning. This brings a wet and windy day over much of southern England. Further cloud and rain for Ireland and central parts of Scotland. Heavy and blustery showers through central and eastern parts of England, these heavy and thundery at times. A brighter day over northern England and southern Scotland with some sunny spells, but the threat of isolated showers here. Highs at a cold 9 to 12C in Scotland, but a milder 13 to 17C in England and Wales. Remaining windy on southern coasts.

The area of low pressure drifts into western France on Thursday. This maintains showers across southern England, some of them heavy, although the winds will be lighter. Some cloud and outbreaks of drizzle or rain for northern Scotland as a warm front passes east. Elsewhere it is going to be a brighter day with sunny spells as a weak ridge of high pressure builds through the UK and Ireland. Highs at 12 to 17C.

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