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UK Forecast - September 25, 2017
Warm, hazy sunshine
Rain returns from west

Slack pressure. A rather murky start for many. Early fog patches clearing. A general haze will persist. A lot of cloud, but some sunshine should break through, typically best toward the south-west, perhaps also East Anglia. Chance of a little drizzle in and around low cloud, and perhaps a local shower, but most places will stay dry all day. Light winds. Highs widely 16 to 18C, and reaching 20C or above in any sunshine in the south-east.

Tuesday night
Dry across Britain and much of Ireland overnight with variable cloud. Some fog patches may reform in low-lying eastern counties. A freshening south-easterly breeze should prevent fog for many places, although some hill-fog is possible in the west. Strongest breeze in the far north & west. Fronts advancing in from the Atlantic bring rain to western Ireland before dawn. Temperatures staying fairly mild, lows 10 to 14C.

A warm southerly flow influences Britain, whilst fronts encroach from the west across Ireland. A dry and bright day for central, east & northern regions, with hazy sun weakening as cloud thickens from the west. Rain or drizzle becoming increasingly persistent for Wales & the south-west into the afternoon. Heavy rain extends north & east across Ireland. South-easterly winds strengthening. Up to 22C in eastern England, 16 to 19C elsewhere.

A slow-moving front is expected to lie north-west to south-east across the British Isles, although with some uncertainty about precise detail. Central, east & northern Britain is most likely to stay grey and damp, with some persistent rain possible. West & south-western areas should become brighter, with some sunshine trying to break through. Further rain develops for Ireland later. Winds fairly light southerlies. Highs 14 to 18C.

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