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UK Forecast - July 11, 2012
Heavy rain into the south
A showery weekend

An area of heavy rain is expected across to move into south west England during the course of the morning. Brighter and sunnier across the rest of the country with a scattering of mainly light showers. In the afternoon that heavy rain is expected to push east into South Wales and areas from about south of the M4 corridor. Mainly dry across the rest of England with showers for Scotland and Northern Ireland. High temperatures of 15 to 19 Celsius.

Thursday Night
Heavy rain is expected from the South Midlands southward this evening with showers across Scotland. That rain tends to linger there well into the night but drier in south west England. Dry across the rest of England and Northern Ireland with light rain across Scotland. Expect minimum temperatures of 8 to 13 Celsius.

A very showery day to come across Britain today, these becoming more widespread and heavy by the afternoon. North Wales and the North Midlands may see more general rain. Rain and showers tend to fade late in the evening followed by a drier night though a few heavy showers may affect south east England. High temperatures today of 15 to 18 Celsius.

While south west England may get by with a dry day, the bulk of the country will be very unsettled and showery. Again the showers become heavy through the afternoon, perhaps with thunder and hail. Through the evening most places turn dry with a dry night to follow with mist patches. High temperatures today of 15 to 18 Celsius.

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