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UK Forecast - October 19, 2017
Brighter for many Friday
Stormy into Saturday

Patchy rain from overnight lingers into the morning for the north & east. A few bands of showers affect north-west England, which may be slow to fully clear. Northern areas will gradually improve. Brighter overall for central & southern Britain, staying dry all day here with sunny spells. Fronts returning from the west bring rain to Ireland, later south-western Britain. Blustery winds, west backing southerly. Highs 11 to 16C.

Friday night
A developing depression, named 'Storm Brian' will move in from the Atlantic. Frontal rain drives north-eastwards across the British Isles during the evening and night, heaviest falls for the hills of south Wales & south-west England, although the rain will move through quite quickly. Showers will follow from the west. Winds will strengthen, to gale force around south-western coasts of Britain and southern Ireland. Lows 8 to 12C.

Storm Brian moves across the British Isles, bringing a strong to gale force winds to central and southern areas, risk of severe gales around coasts and hills in the south & south-west, gusts 60-70mph. A belt of rain soon clears from the north-east. Clusters of showers will spread from the west, merging into areas of constant heavy rain for several hours. Lighter winds in Scotland. Heavy seas in the south-west. Temperatures 10 to 15C.

A cool and blustery day. Areas of heavy showery rain, locally merging into rain for many hours across the north-west of England and western Scotland. Some south-western areas may be largely dry. A little sun breaking through at times. Rain returns from the west for Ireland later. Westerly winds, strongest in the morning, locally gusting gale force around some coasts & hills, tending to ease. Highs 9 to 14C, coolest north-west.

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