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UK Forecast - July 04, 2012
Severe Weather Possible
Intense rain, flooding

Generally a cloudy morning with showery rain expected across northern and eastern parts of England with a risk of thunder. Showers too across Scotland and Cornwall. In the afternoon it becomes humid with a number of showers expected across much of Britain, some heavy and thundery though the far south may be dry. high temperatures of 18 to 23 Celsius.

Thursday Night
In the evening most 0f the showers should be across southern Scotland and Northern Ireland. During the night we may see an area of intense, thundery rain moving out of France into south east England with as much as 55mm possible in the night which may cause local flooding. A mild, muggy night night with minimum temperatures of 12 to 15 Celsius.

That intense, thundery rain may move into central and northern parts of England perhaps reaching southern Scotland by the end of the day. Exact detail on where the heaviest rain will be is uncertain at this time but we aware of the flooding risk in this area with the ground already saturated. Elsewhere expect showers. That rain may track up into northern Scotland tonight with more rain in to south west England. Expect top temperatures today of 15 to 19 Celsius.

Windy with heavy rain across northern Scotland today. Rain across south west England turns to afternoon showers. The rest of the country again is in sunshine and showers mode, these becoming heavy in the afternoon. The showers fade this evening with most areas dry but misty and murky in the night. High temperatures today of 18 to 21 Celsius.

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