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UK Forecast - February 21, 2017
Patchy rain Wednesday
Gales Thursday

A slow-moving front resides across central Britain, producing cloudy skies and outbreaks of rain or drizzle, most persistent on hills in west Wales. Southern counties will see very little rain, although it stays dull. Brighter skies across northern England & Scotland, best sun toward the east. Showers affect western Scotland - wintry over the Highlands. Brisk westerly winds, strongest in far north. Highs 8 to 12C.

Wednesday night
A developing area of low pressure moves in quickly from the west. Rain sets in for Ireland by evening, then spreads to northern Britain, turning heavy and persistent. Patchy rain affects central & southern Britain. Northern Scotland may escape dry. South-westerly winds will strengthen, reaching gale force around coasts in the west & south. Staying mild for many, lows 7 to 10C, but locally 5C or colder in Scotland.

An active low pressure system moves quickly eastwards during the day. Gales will affect England & Wales, risk of gusts locally over 60-70mph, tending to ease from the west. Lighter winds for Scotland. Heavy rain will be followed by brightening skies and some sunshine for central & southern Britain. Showers will follow from the west. Areas of rain and hill snow may persist across the north. Cooler than recently, highs 6 to 10C.

Starting cool, with local frost, particularly in north. A mixture of sunshine and showers. Rain may be locally frequent where showers band together, particularly north-western areas. A cool west to north-westerly breeze, turning south-westerly. Fronts moving back in from the Atlantic bring thickening cloud and later rain to western regions. Temperatures 5 to 8C north & east, 8 to 11C south & south-west.

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