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UK Forecast - December 17, 2017
Quiet, dry for many
Fog becoming widespread

A fair day overall as high pressure resides across the British Isles. Some lingering fog patches in central and southern areas, which may keep things chilly. Murky around western coasts, with low cloud and patchy drizzle, although amounts small. Some hazy sunshine, best toward the east & north-east. Light winds for many. A southwesterly breeze for Scotland & Northern Ireland. Highs 5 to 8C, but up to 11C in the far south-west.

Monday night
Dense fog is likely to form or reform widely in central and southern Britain into the evening and night. A southwesterly breeze brings cloud and drizzly rain to western Scotland and Ireland, and perhaps a little drizzle near western coasts elsewhere, otherwise it will be dry. Dipping close to freezing for England & Wales, lows -1 to 3C, but less cold for Scotland, Ireland and western coasts, nearer 6 to 9C.

High pressure lies toward the south of Britain, producing a mild southwesterly flow. Extensive low cloud and hill fog. Some lingering low-level fog in southern areas. Patchy drizzly rain for western coasts and hills. Persistent rain moves into western Scotland & Ireland later. Brightest skies in the east & north-east, with weak sunshine breaking through. Highs 6 to 10C, locally 13C to the north-east of high ground. Coolest where fog persists.

Fronts trailing in from the Atlantic will run across Britain & Ireland, bringing outbreaks of rain or drizzle. Over hills in north-west England & Wales, it may turn into a very wet day. Cloudy for most places, but largely dry for the Midlands, south & south-east. Rain should clear from southern Scotland. Brighter skies developing across Scotland, a little sun east of the Highlands. Mild in the south, a little cooler north, highs 8 to 12C.

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