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UK Forecast - May 14, 2012
Showery and Chilly
Little Change This Week

Rather windy across eastern parts of Britain. Expect an unsettled day to come with a fair amount of cloud, a few sunny spells and showers expected throughout the day. In the afternoon the showers look heavy widespread with some heavy ones, although it may be dry across south western parts of England today. A chilly afternoon with top temperatures today of 8 to 11 Celsius which is well below normal for this time of year.

Tuesday Night
still a few showers to come across eastern parts of England during the evening but these then fade away. Most parts of the country will have a dry, clear and rather cold night with a Frost rural locations. Expect minimum temperatures tonight of 0 to 2 Celsius.

After a cold, dry and sunny start to the day, cloud and showers develop across much of the country. In the afternoon most of these die away from western parts of England, Scotland and Wales with sunny skies. Tonight rain spreads in across Northern Ireland and western Scotland. Cold and dry across England and Wales with a widespread frost possible. Expect top temperatures today of 10 to 12 Celsius.

Outbreaks of rain across Northern Ireland and western parts of Scotland. Spread its further eastward into all of Scotland, northern England and Wales. A few showers to come across southwest England, otherwise dry across the rest of England with sunny spells though more cloud is going to develop for the afternoon. High temperatures today of 9 to 13 Celsius.

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