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UK Forecast - May 23, 2017
Very warm, feeling humid
Increasingly sunny

High pressure in charge brings a dry and warm day overall. Fairly cloudy toward the north-west, and some murky patches around the south coast. A good amount of sunshine for many, generally best in the east. Fair-weather cloud building inland during the day. A little drizzle for western Scotland, where only 15C. Winds very light - gentle sea breezes some coasts. Feeling humid, highs 22 to 26C, warmest in the south & east.

Wednesday night
Staying dry. Small risk patches of drizzle around the Western & Northern Isles. Little wind for most areas. Variable amounts of cloud, thickest toward the western Scotland, whilst clear spells should develop widely. Some local mist patches may form in low-lying inland areas, and around coasts in the south & east. Generally mild, staying at 10 to 13C or above for many, but locally dipping below 6 or 7C in northern England.

High pressure centred over eastern Britain brings a fair and very warm day for all. Plenty of sunshine. Areas of cloud for western Scotland. Cloud may fill in across central Britain into the afternoon. Becoming increasingly hazy. Some local fog patches around coasts in the south & east. Winds mostly very light, although an easterly breeze affects the far south. Highs 23 to 26C, locally 28C, but fresher on North Sea coasts.

A hot and humid day, with lots of sunshine for most places. High pressure lies to the east, whilst low pressure will be around Biscay. A front over the Atlantic brings a risk of thundery rain for the west of Ireland, and later south-western Britain. Some fog patches are possible around coasts in the south & east. A south-easterly breeze will freshen. Highs 25 to 28C, perhaps locally warmer, but a little cooler on the east coast.

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