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UK Forecast - April 17, 2012
Showers and rain
Breezy for many

A windy and wet day across Wales and southwest England as well as southern Ireland. Showers further east and north. The rain spreading easwtards into northern England and East Anglia, with some strong winds across much of England, Wales and Ireland. Sunny spells and showers affecting Scotland and Ireland through the afternoon, these affecting southern parts of England too. Some of the showers could be heavy and thundery. Highs at 9C in northern Scotland, 12C in southern England.

Wednesday Night
An area of rain persists through northern England and parts of the Midlands and East Anglia through tonight. This lasting for much of the night, and the rain spreading into Wales. An area of heavy showers over central and eastern Scotland, with more scattered showers through Ireland, western parts of Wales and southern England. Windy through parts of eastern Ireland, Wales and England too. Lows at 0C in central Scotland, 6C in southern England.

Low pressure is expected to be centred over East Anglia through Thursday. Occluded front affect eastern areas too bringing some more peristsent rain across northeast England and the east of Scotland. Further west and south there will be a mix of sunny spells and showers. The showers could be heavy at times, and thundery too. However, a tendency for the showers to be fading later over western and southern areas. Highs at 9 to 11C.

The area of low pressure drifts north into Scotland on Friday. This maintains the unsettled weather across the UK. An occluded front brings some rain through eastern and southern Scotland as well as running into Northern Ireland. Broken cloud and heavy showers over the rest of the country, some of these thundery and of hail. The showers possibly merging to longer spells of rain at times. Highs at 9 to 11C.

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