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UK Forecast - November 21, 2017
Windy but very mild
Heavy rain west & north

A strong southerly wind for England & Wales - risk of gales in exposure, and locally very gusty inland too. Largely dry for the Midlands, south & east, perhaps spots of rain in the wind. A tangle of fronts affects the north & west, bringing heavy rain to west Wales, north-west England & southern Scotland. Pulses of heavy rain moving north across Ireland too. Some snow developing in the Scottish Highlands. Very mild for most at 11 to 15C, but just 5C northern Scotland.

Wednesday night
Heavy and persistent bursts of rain are likely to run north-eastwards across England & Wales, eventually clearing from the west through the night. A zone of rain affects Scotland too, which may result in extensive snow over the mountains. Showers for Ireland. Staying mild for many at 10 to 12C, but temperatures may drop a little in the west before dawn, and generally colder in Scotland & Ireland, dipping to 3 to 5C or locally lower.

Squally bursts of rain in the south-east early morning should soon clear eastwards, allowing bright skies to extend across much of England & Wales. Occasional sun, best toward the east. Further pulses of rain are likely for the north & west of Britain & Ireland - snow over hills in the north, locally to low levels in Scotland. Blustery south-westerly winds, risk gales where exposed in west. Highs 6 to 10C north & west, 11 to 14C south & east.

A slow-moving front is expected to trail across south-eastern Britain, bringing rain which may locally persist for many hours. For many places, it should be a dry and bright day, with weak sunshine through high cloud in central England. Sunnier skies for northern regions, although a scattering of showers are possible for the north & west of Scotland & Ireland. Snow over the mountains. Winds generally lighter. Cooler than previous days, 6 to 11C.

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