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UK Forecast - October 05, 2012
Damp & cool
Most rain to south

Some rain still affecting the far southeast at first on Saturday morning, but this should be clearing quickly into Europe. Much brighter, cooler weather across the rest of England, Wales, much of Scotland and Ireland. There could be a few showers in northern and western Scotland though. The afternoon stays dry and bright with good spells of sunshine for much of the country. A few showers across the Lake District, Northern Ireland and northern Scotland but dry elsewhere. Highs at 10 to 14C.

Saturday Night
Skies will become clear through Saturday evening. Winds fall light, as will temperatures. A few mist or fog patches forming across more central and northern parts of the country later. High cloud may increase over southern Ireland and southern England later. A widespread ground frost away fro coasts, and an air frost in places too, mainly across central and northern England and Scotland. Lows of 1 to 5C.

High pressure is going to be centred over northern England at midday on Sunday, as a warm front approaches the south of Ireland and southwest England. For the Midlands, northern England and Scotland it will be dry and fine with plenty of sunshine; a few mist or fog patches but these clearing quickly. This will leave good spells of sunshine through the day. Thicker cloud in southern Ireland and southwest England brigning some cloud and rain here into the afternoon. Highs at 11 to 16C.

High pressure stays through the north of the country as low pressure develops southwest of Ireland. Fronts are going to be moving northwards bringing cloud and rain to much of Ireland, Wales and the southern half of England. Brighter weather in the northern half of England and Scotland with good spells of sunshine across Scotland, after another early frost. Highs at 18C in southwest England and southern Ireland, a cooler 11 to 14C for most.

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