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UK Forecast - January 20, 2018
Cold and Mainly Dry
Wetter by Sunday

Wet weather moves north and east this preceded by a spell of snow, especially across northern England and Scotland with perhaps several centimetres of snow in places before it turns to rain later in the day. All areas ending Sunday much milder than of late with likely extensive low cloud and hill fog too. Highs 3C to 10C, highest in the south-west.

Sunday Night
Rain clears away and a thaw of any lying snow is expected across northern areas, but otherwise quite a lot of dry weather is expected into Sunday night, albeit with some showery weather in the west. Later in the night longer spells of rain may well return to parts of Wales and SW England. A milder night than of late, lows 3C to 7C.

Wet weather quickly moves eastwards across more central and southern areas of England and Wales on Monday, locally large rainfall totals possible and also rather windy here too. Elsewhere some rain or drizzle developing across W Scotland and Ireland, but otherwise a lot of dry weather for northern and western areas. Mild. Highs 5C to 11C.

Wet and windy weather is set to develop across northern and western areas through the day, perhaps with some extensive low cloud and hill fog, mainly dry further south and east. Mild or very mild, highs 7C to 12C.


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