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UK Forecast - June 29, 2017
Local heavy bursts Friday
Brighter this weekend

Low pressure over the south of Britain. Outbreaks of rain mostly north & west in the morning, transferring south & east into the Midlands and southern England through the day, with slow-moving thundery bursts of rain into the afternoon & evening. A brisk northerly wind for the north & west, local gales around coasts in the south-west. Rare if any sun. Brightening up across Ireland. Highs 17 to 21C, but cooler across Scotland, only 12C north.

Friday night
A zone of persistent rain across eastern England sinks south across south-eastern counties later into the night. A few residual showers elsewhere should fade, with skies clearing from the north & west. A brisk northerly wind, backing westerly across Ireland. Wind becoming light across Scotland & northern England as pressure builds, and dropping cool, lows 5 to 8C or colder Scottish glens. Nearer 10 to 12C for southern Britain.

A brief ridge of high pressure topples eastwards across Britain. This brings a fair day to many central, southern & eastern regions, with variable cloud and sunny spells, best in the east and near coasts. A warm front pushes into the north-west, where cloud will thicken, and drizzly rain turns more persistent by evening for western Scotland & Northern Ireland. A westerly breeze. Highs 14 to 17C north-west, 20 to 22C south-east.

A weakening cold front clears south-eastwards across England & Wales early in the day. A little patchy rain should fade, leaving a bright day for many, with occasional sunshine, best toward the east. The north-west will see showers, these most frequent for western Scotland, perhaps Northern Ireland. A westerly breeze, strongest in the north where feeling rather cool. Highs 14 to 17C north & west; 18 to 21C south & east.

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