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UK Forecast - September 22, 2012
Heavy rain, Gales
Risk of Flooding in South

Increasing windy across England and Wales today. An area of heavy rain spreads in across the south of England and southern parts of Wales this morning. To the north of this, it will be dry with sunny spells. This afternoon. It remains dry across the far north of England, but for the rest of England and Wales it looks quite wet and feeling cold with spells of heavy rain. Most of Scotland and Northern Ireland will be dry with the best of the sunshine. Expect top temperatures of 9 to 14 Celsius.

Sunday Night
A wet and windy night to come across England and Wales with the heaviest rain perhaps across southwest England. Overnight we may see a very heavy pulse of rain spread in from the channel across Wiltshire then up into the Midlands affecting central and southern parts of England. Rainfall totals perhaps as much as 60 mm in the south of England may cause local flooding. Most parts of the country will have rain during the night. Expect minimum temperatures of 6 to 13 Celsius.

Very wet and windy across the country this morning with the risk of gales across northern England and southern Scotland although other areas could be affected by gales depending on position of deep low pressure area. We could see a very heavy spells of rain across Wales and southwest England, but could lead to some local flooding. In the afternoon the heaviest rain be across north Wales and northern England as the rain clears the far south to showers. Further spells of moderate to heavy rain are expected from Wales up across parts of Scotland tonight and we could see severe gales across Scotland with gusts up to 80 mph. Again this could change dependent on position of low pressure area. Expect high temperatures today of 10 to 17 Celsius.

Continued very windy with gales in the north and west. Spells of rain are expected across Scotland, Northern Ireland, northern England and Wales and some of it will be heavy. While showers will affect the southeast and some of these will be heavy. Little change is expected to the afternoon. Further spells of rain and showers are likely to affect much of England and Wales during the evening and night as it becomes drier across Scotland and Northern Ireland. Maximum temperatures of 9 to 16 Celsius.

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