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UK Forecast - February 17, 2018
Less Cold
Rain and Drizzle

A mostly cloudy, if not overcast day ahead for many areas through Sunday with mainly light or moderate, rain or drizzle moving south-eastwards through the day. Some extensive low cloud and hill fog is expected too, especially across central, northern and western areas. Less-cold than of late. Highs 4C to 9C.

Sunday Night
Mostly cloudy and damp conditions will prevail into Sunday night across many areas with further light rain or drizzle at times, but with some drier intervals developing. Further risk of some extensive low cloud and hill fog in places, bringing locally poor visibility. Lows 2C to 5C.

Another mostly cloudy day is expected into Monday at the moment with some residual patchy light rain and drizzle in places too, but this slowly fizzling out through the day and with then emphasis on drier weather developing through the afternoon and evening, albeit still with a lot of cloud continuing. Highs 4C to 9C.

An easterly wind may slowly develop on Tuesday, but with emphasis on a lot of dry weather for most areas. Some patchy rain and drizzle may be in evidence across some eastern areas of England and also perhaps across W Scotland and Ireland too, but this potentially clearing later in the day. Winds light and variable overall and chilly, but still not that cold. Highs 3C to 8C.