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UK Forecast - March 19, 2018
Dry for most
Best sun in west

A chilly start to Tuesday with some frost in places, but the emphasis is on a mainly dry day, perhaps the best day of the week across many areas of the British Isles. A few light showers may affect some eastern areas of Scotland and eastern England, but, otherwise a lot of dry weather with some sunny spells. Always more cloud affecting eastern and central areas, this edging west during the day with sunshine reappearing across East Anglia and the southeast. In the sunshine and lighter winds it will feel a little more spring-like through the day. Highs 4C to 8C.

Tuesday Night
Remaining mainly dry across many areas into Tuesday evening and overnight and it will, again, be another chilly night with frost certainly possible, especially across more central and southern areas areas. It may be somewhat cloudier in the far north with some patchy rain or showers developing across N Scotland by the end of the night. Lows -2C to +3C.

Into Wednesday and it will become cloudier, windier and damp across parts of northern and western areas through the day, particularly Scotland as fronts pass eastwards. Elsewhere though it is likely that high pressure will still be the dominant feature bringing mainly dry weather with some bright or sunny spells. Windy in the north, winds still light and variable further south. Overnight frost possible, but, overall, it will continue to become milder. Highs 5C to 10C.

Increasingly unsettled weather is forecast at across more northern and western areas as fronts move in from off the Atlantic to bring some rain and showers, perhaps with a fresh or strong W or SW'ly wind too. High pressure will be declining into France by this point but may well still influence the weather across far southern and south-eastern areas of England with some drier and brighter weather developing during the day. Milder than of late, highs 6C to 11C.