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UK Forecast - August 18, 2017
Breezy, feeling fresh
Showery in north

A bright and breezy day. Sunny spells for many, and largely dry for central & southern Britain. Northern areas will see showers, these spreading inland from western coasts in the morning, and locally banding together to give frequent rain for a few hours. Some heavy bursts possible over the Scottish Highlands - isolated thunder possible by afternoon. Blustery westerly winds. Feeling cool, 14 to 17C north & west, 18 to 21C south-east.

Saturday night
A few showers may continue across Scotland, but most should fade into the night as a ridge of high pressure builds across the country. Cloud breaking up to give lengthy clear spells. A warm front moving into the south-west brings thickening cloud and drizzly rain. Winds falling light inland, although coastal areas will stay breezy. Dropping quite cool, 9 to 12C for many, but some rural areas in the west & north may dip below 7C.

A warm front approaches from the south-west, bringing rain to Wales & Ireland, whilst rain or drizzle also affects south-west England, where it will be very murky with extensive hill fog. Toward the east & north of Britain, it should be dry much of the day, with sunshine turning hazy then cloud filling in. Rain may extend across the Midlands from the west later. Light winds for most, freshening in the south. Highs 18 to 23C.

Low pressure toward the west of Britain contains the remnants of a tropical storm bringing very humid air across the country. Details are uncertain, but slow-moving fronts draped across the west & north give a risk of prolonged heavy rain. Central & southern Britain may escape largely dry with some sunshine. The south-west is likely to be murky with coast fog possible. Reaching 25C in the south-east, 23C Midlands, 17C north.

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