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UK Forecast - November 17, 2017
Chilly, dry for many
Patchy rain south

A cool west to north-westerly breeze, strongest in Scotland and along North Sea coasts. A weak frontal zone lies across southern parts of Britain & Ireland, producing fairly cloudy skies and outbreaks of rain or drizzle locally - but amounts generally small. Low cloud likely to plague south-western coasts and hills. Bright and sunny spells for eastern districts. A few showers in the north of Scotland. Highs 7 to 11C, mildest far south-west.

Saturday night
Slack high pressure builds across the country overnight, bringing light winds and possibly quite murky conditions to some areas, with local mist and fog patches forming. Generally dry, although a zone of drizzly rain may affect the south-west of Britain, perhaps also parts of Ireland. Some clear spells toward the north & east, which may result in a frost, especially in rural areas. Lows 0 to 4C, but locally below freezing in the north.

High pressure influences the country, centred toward the south. Variable amounts of cloud, with some bright and sunny spells. Mostly little wind, but a cool northerly breeze in the east. Patches of mist and murk may linger in central regions, and perhaps also around south-western coasts. A weak front brings cloud and patchy rain to Ireland and western Britain. Brief wintry showers in northern Scotland. Cool at 6 to 9C, locally warmer south-west.

Precise details are uncertain, with a slack pressure pattern and fronts running in from the Atlantic. Generally grey skies. A zone of rain is expected to extend across central-northern areas. Drizzly toward the south. Snow is likely on hills in Scotland & northern England, and a chance that snow falls below 300-400m. Cold air lies across northern Britain, where it may struggle to reach 5C, whilst mild air will be to the south, locally up to 12 or 13C.

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