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UK Forecast - June 05, 2012
Rain & Showers
Gales in South

A cloudy morning across the country. Heavy rain is forecast for Wales with lighter rain across Scotland in the morning. Showers are expected for most other areas. In the afternoon showers are likely in most areas along with a few brief, sunnier spells coming through at times. Expect high temperatures of 11 to 16 Celsius.

Wednesday Night
Quite a windy this evening with outbreaks of heavy rain spreading into south west England and south Wales. Generally dry across most other areas. This rain pushes in across most of Wales and southern England in the night with the rest of the country dry. Minimum temperatures down to 5 to 10 Celsius.

Very windy across south parts of the United Kingdom today with gales developing. Outbreaks of rain in the west and southern England spread into but northern Scotland during the course of the morning. This will be followed by an overcast and wet afternoon with spells of moderate to heavy rain for most areas while showers affect northern Scotland. The rain is likely to continue throughout the course of the evening and night and looks heaviest across Scotland. A windy night with gales along the south coast of England. Expect top temperatures today of 11 to 15 Celsius.

Continued very windy in the far south of England with strong gales. Spells of rain are expected across central and southern parts of England and Wales, this heavy in the morning. Northern England and Scotland will have heavy showers. Northern England and Scotland keeps rain and showers going into the night while the south becomes dry. High temperatures today of 14 to 17 Celsius.

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