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UK Forecast - July 22, 2017
Heavy showers
Drier Monday & Tuesday

Quite a windy day to come across Scotland. While there will be some dry, sunny spells, with low pressure over Britain there will be a good deal of cloud and showers swirling around the low affecting many parts. The showers may be locally heavy with scattered thunderstorms possible as well. Some places may escape with a dry day. A fine, dry day is expected across Northern Ireland. Expect maximum temperatures of 18 to 23 Celsius.

Sunday Night
Those heavy showers are likely to persist well into the evening but may become confines more to northern parts of England by the end of the evening. Overnight a band of showery rain may spread down across the Midlands into East Anglia. The remainder of Britain should be dry overnight with some fog patches developing in low lying areas. Expect minimum temperatures of 9 to 14 Celsius.

A warmer day to come today. Quite lot of cloud again to come across England and Wales with Northern Ireland and Scotland having the best of the sunshine. A few scattered showers are likely across England and Wales with many areas to stay dry. Much of the cloud tends to melt away through the evening with a dry night expected across much of Britain. Perhaps eastern parts of England though may see more in the way of cloud. Expect highs of 18 to 24 Celsius.

A dry start for many with early sunshine. In the afternoon more cloud tends to develop away from the coasts and this may be thick enough to give a few, light, scattered showers. Northern Ireland again should have the best of the sunshine where it will be dry. It does tend to cloud over across western areas in the evening as a front approaches from the west. This then spreads outbreaks of rain in across Northern Ireland, Wales and western parts of England and Scotland with the east staying dry. Expect highs of 18 to 24 Celsius.

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