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UK Forecast - March 05, 2012
Mainly dry
Rain tonight

The winds will decrease across the southeast of England by the afternoon but will be increasing in the north west of Britain. Any patchy light rain across the southeast of England this morning is expected to fade as it turned drier and brighter. It becomes cloudy across Scotland as outbreaks of rain spread into western Scotland and Northern Ireland in the morning where it lingers into the afternoon. The rest of England and Wales will have a dry day with sunny spells but more cloud develops for the afternoon. Expect maximum temperatures in a range of 8 to 10 Celsius.

Tuesday night
A windy evening and night in the north and west with gales across Scotland and Northern Ireland into the Irish Sea. This evening that area of rain in the northwest is expected to spread down tonight across north western parts of England into Wales and to about western Cornwall by morning. Temperatures generally down to 3 to 6C.

Very windy across much of Britain today. Outbreaks of occasionally heavy rain will affect southern Scotland and all of England and Wales in the morning. This rain then clears East Anglia, the East Midlands and the southeast of England around the middle part of the afternoon, and as it does so it becomes colder with such showers across western and northern areas. These showers will be turning increasingly wintry from North Wales up through north west England and Scotland into Northern Ireland. Number snow showers will continue to affect western parts of Scotland this evening but these tend to become few overnight. It will stay quite windy and turning cold tonight but most of the frost will likely be sheltered locations. Expect top temperatures today of 6 to 11 Celsius.

After windy morning, the winds will tend to moderate in the afternoon. Most parts of the country will have a fair, dry morning with sunny spells with just the odd shower around north western coasts. In the afternoon. Some rain will move into northern Scotland with one or two isolated showers across the southeast of England, otherwise continued fair and dry. Tonight the far north west will keep some outbreaks of rain but for most places it'll be a dry night but fairly cloudy. Expect maximum temperatures of 8 to 10 Celsius.

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