UK Forecast - October 29, 2014
A lot of cloud
Very mild Friday

A cloudy day for many, with patchy drizzle and light rain for Scotland and northern England as a warm front moves northwards during the morning. This may give persistent rain for a few hours in Scotland, particularly in the north-west. Low cloud sitting across the hills of northern Britain and Wales. Fog patches in the Irish Sea and south-west. A little drizzle for northern England, the Midlands, Wales and Ireland, but amounting to very little overall. Rain turning heavier in the west of Ireland. Clouds may slowly break up in the south of England, and where any sunshine develops in the afternoon it will feel warm. Light southerly winds, but freshening in the west. Temperatures 12 to 15C in northern Britain, but reaching 16 or 17C in the south.

Thursday night
A mild night, with extensive cloud cover across Britain and Ireland. A little patchy drizzle in northern and western areas, heaviest and most persistent in western Scotland and western Ireland. Dry overall for England and Wales. A blanket of low cloud likely covering many hilly areas with fog. Some cloud breaks toward south-east England. Overnight temperatures staying around 10 to 13C for most.

A southerly airflow across the British Isles produces a very mild day. Low cloud and drizzle mostly just affects Scotland, and also north-western England and Wales for a time in the morning. Clouds breaking across the Midlands and south, with warm sunshine developing, best in the south and east. Rain turns heavy from the west across Ireland, and arrives in western Scotland toward evening, as a cold front moves east. This weakening band of rain spreads across England and Wales overnight into Saturday. Gales developing around exposed north-western coasts and hills. Highs reaching 16 to 19C, warmest in the south, and perhaps in the lee of high ground in north Wales. Slightly cooler overall in the north and west.

Low pressure positioned to the north-west brings unsettled conditions to western Britain and Ireland. Cloud and patchy rain spreads east in the morning, but amounting to very little in eastern England. Mostly dry and bright for the Midlands, east and south of England in the afternoon. Rain setting in across Ireland. Showers developing for western coasts of Britain, before rain becomes extensive from the west later. Breezy for all, with gales around coasts and hills, particularly in the north-west. Still mild in the south and east at 15 to 17C, but nearer 12 to 14C elsewhere.

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