UK Forecast - July 30, 2015
Dry & bright south
Rain in north-west

Low pressure and fronts to the north-west brings persistent rain to western Scotland & Northern Ireland, occasionally heavy, along with a freshening southerly wind. Rain spreads slowly south-east across Ireland. Most of England & Wales will stay dry with fairly light winds. Risk of a few showers in northern England. Best sunny spells in the south & east. Around 16C in the north-west, highs 20 to 22C in the Midlands & south.

Friday night
Outbreaks of rain will continue to affect northern and western areas during the evening and night, becoming persistent for a few hours. Southern regions generally dry, but mostly cloudy. Light winds in the south. A fresh south-westerly breeze in the north. Overnight lows between 7 and 12C.

Low pressure remains close to north-western Britain, giving frequent showers for Scotland, merging into longer spells of rain over the western Highlands. Showery too in Northern Ireland. Often dry for England & Wales, but there will be a little patchy rain. Some sunshine, but a lot of cloud. A fresh south-westerly breeze in the north, lighter winds in the south. Temperatures 16 to 22C, warmest in south-east.

Most of Britain is likely to stay dry, and feeling warmer. Best sunshine in the east of England. A deep area of low pressure in the Atlantic brings persistent rain to Ireland, turning heavy in the west, along with strong to gale force southerly winds. Breezy for western Britain, lighter winds in the east. Some rain reaches western Scotland later. Highs 19 to 25C, warmest in south-east.

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