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UK Forecast - March 25, 2017
Sunny spells and mild
Brisk easterly wind

A mild day across Britain but a brisk easterly wind will take the edge of above normal temperatures across England and Wales. Any early fog patches across Scotland will soon clear. With a cell of high pressure in charge, it will be dry across all parts today with plenty of sunshine. More cloud may develop across Wales and The Midlands in the afternoon. Expect maximums of 12 to 15 Celsius.

Sunday Night
A breezy evening and night across Britain. A fine, dry evening across all parts of the country with some early evening sunshine. Overnight more cloud comes in across northern England, Wales and The Midlands and this may be thick enough to produce some patchy drizzle to the east of the Pennines across north eastern parts of England. Dry across the remainder of the country with clear spells. Expect minimum temperatures of 4 to 7 Celsius.

It continues breezy. More in the way of cloud may affect Scotland, Northern Ireland, northern England, The Midlands and western Wales and in the morning there may be a few spots of drizzle here. Best of the sunshine may be found across East Anglia, the south and east of England. It will be mild but perhaps not feeling that way in the wind and under the cloud cover. A cloudy night but dry in the north and the west with clear spells in the east and south. Expect high temperatures of 10 to 15 Celsius.

Breezy today and warm in the south. We may find some rain spreading into Northern Ireland and western parts of Scotland with a chance of showers across northern England. Dry across the rest of Britain with sunny spells across The Midlands and eastern and south eastern parts of England. A wet night across Scotland and Northern Ireland with spells of rain. Dry in the south with clear spells. Quite windy across western Britain. Look for high temperatures of 10 to 17 Celsius.

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