UK Forecast - July 27, 2015
Clusters of heavy showers
Cool, blustery winds

A cool and unsettled day. Troughs and occluded fronts move south across central & northern areas, bringing heavy, locally thundery showers, merging into longer periods of rain. Longest dry and bright spells in southern Britain. Blustery westerly winds, strongest in the south. A cold northerly breeze for northern Scotland. Temperatures just 12 to 15C in Scotland & northern England, up to 18 or 19C in the south.

Tuesday night
Pulses of heavy showery rain continue well into the evening and night for many areas, particularly in the north, and also north-western coasts of England & Wales. Clear spells for the Midlands and south. A brisk and cool north-westerly wind for most of Britain and Ireland. Overnight lows 7 to 10C, but may drop below 5C in sheltered northern valleys & glens.

Low pressure remains centred over Scandinavia. Blustery and cool north-westerly winds across the British Isles. Showery, with some heavy, perhaps thundery bursts of rain, most frequent in north & east. There will also be sunny spells, best in the south & west as pressure builds slowly. Still cool, highs between 14 to 16C in the north, to 19 or 20C in the far south.

A few areas of showers in northern and eastern Britain, but a good amount of sunshine elsewhere. Brightest in the south-west as a ridge of high pressure builds. Showery for Ireland. Wind speeds lighter than recent days, but still feeling cool in the north, around 14 to 17C. Highs reaching 20 or 21C in brighter spells in the south.


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