UK Forecast - September 04, 2015
Sunshine for some
Still cool in the breeze

Cloudy skies for most areas to start the day. A little patchy rain in the south & south-east will soon clear, then dry overall. Brighter skies developing from the north, and sunshine coming through, most widely for western regions of Britain, also Ireland. Thicker cloud in north-west Scotland may produce patchy drizzle here. Still feeling chilly in a northerly breeze in the north & east. Highs 13 to 17C, warmest in southern England.

Saturday night
Staying dry across Britain & Ireland, with broken cloud and clear spells. Winds falling light for most inland areas, although the north-westerly breeze may remain fresh around some coasts, particularly in the east. Some local mist patches may develop in sheltered low lying areas in the Midlands and Wales. Lowest temperatures between 4 and 8C for most, but locally may dip to 2C in northern England.

A dry day overall. Plenty of sunshine around, particularly in the morning, although locally cloud may linger, most widely northern Scotland, some eastern coasts of England, and perhaps north Wales. Cloud may be thick enough to produce patches of drizzle for some. Slowly, cloud may fill in across central areas by afternoon. A north-westerly breeze will maintain a cool feel, highs 16 to 19C.

High pressure centred across the British Isles brings a dry and bright day with light winds. A cool start, and there may patches of mist and fog in low lying areas, but this should soon clear. A slight north-easterly breeze in eastern England may drag in cloud off the North Sea, but many places should see a good deal of sunshine. Top temperatures reaching 17 to 19C, but cooler on eastern coasts.

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