UK Forecast - January 31, 2015
Very Cold and Windy
Rain, sleet, snow clearing east

A cold and very windy day in those strong northerly winds will produce a wind chill factor of below zero across much of the United Kingdom. We start the day with an area of sleet and snow showers across eastern parts of England down through East Anglia and the south east through the day this gradually pushes away towards the east. Some heavy snow showers will affect northern Scotland and parts of Northern Ireland. Central and western parts of the country should fair the best good deal of dry weather with sunny spells although a few scattered sleety showers may affect south western Wales. Expect maximum temperatures of 1 to 4 Celsius.

Sunday night
This evening the winds will begin to moderate. Still a few wintry showers running along the coasts of Norfolk with snow showers for north western Scotland. Elsewhere it will be a dry evening with clear spells likely to see frost developing as temperatures drop. Overnight a few scattered wintry showers may affect North Sea coasts wrong with northern Scotland and northern coasts of Northern Ireland. Elsewhere expect a cold, frosty night with icy patches. Expect lows of -1 to -5 Celsius.

Although not as strong, we keep a brisk north wind today. This is likely to bring occasional snow showers to northern Scotland and to western and eastern parts of Britain which could give some local accumulations. Central parts of the country are likely to remain dry with the best of the sunshine. Little change to come through the evening. Overnight the battle more persistent snow may push in across northern Scotland and parts of Northern Ireland. Wintry showers will persist around the coasts of England and Wales and perhaps across south east England. Expect top temperatures of 1 to 4 Celsius.

We may see a band of snow moving out of Scotland in the morning and into northern England in the afternoon. Still the chance of a few wintry showers around western and eastern coasts of England. For much of Wales along with central and southern parts of England should be essentially dry and bright with some sunshine. Scattered wintry showers will persist overnight around the coasts otherwise a dry night with clear spells and a widespread, hard frost. Expect top temperatures of 2 to 5 Celsius.

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