UK Forecast - July 29, 2014
Cloudy north & west
Brighter to south

Some early cloud through Ireland, northern and western Wales, northwest England and western Scotland giving some spots of drizzle or light rain on the hills here. This tending to fade in the afternoon, although these areas still at risk of some rain or showers throughout the day. Breezy in Scotland with showers in the north and west but fair to the east. Most of the rest of England and Wales as well as eastern Ireland should be dry and bright. The best sunshine in southern and eastern England. Highs at 15 to 25C.

Wednesday night
Staying cloudy through northern and western Scotland as well as much of western England and Wales together with Ireland. There will be outbreaks of rain, most of them light on western facing hills and coasts. To the east of Wales and most of England it is expected to be dry with clear spells.

Low pressure to the north and west of Scotland on Thursday with fronts extending through Ireland and northern England. These bring cloud and some outbreaks of rain here and will also encourage plenty of cloud to affect the west of Wales and much of the western coasts of England. Drier in the south and southeast with sunny spells. Some heavier showers in northern Scotland. Highs at 14 to 23C.

An area of low pressure will be over northwest Scotland on Friday. Fronts associated with the low brings cloud and outbreaks of rain in Scotland and Ireland. Showers affecting the north and west of England and Wales with these becoming increasingly heavy and persistent in the afternoon. Staying largely fair in East Anglia and the southeast with a risk of an odd shower later. Highs at 16 to 25C.

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