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Morning Call - May 22, 2018
Warm and Sunny For Most
Isolated Evening Downpours

Issued: 0530hrs Tuesday 22nd May 2018
Duty forecaster: Matthew Hugo

Dry weather will continue across many areas with prolonged spells of sunshine and with just a few isolated heavy showers by evening.

Good morning,

Through the rest of Tuesday morning and many areas will be dry with bright or sunny spells and these prolonged at times too and it will soon become warm through the morning as well. More cloud is possible across some northern and eastern areas of Scotland though where it may also be cooler here too.

Through the afternoon and no significant changes are forecast many areas dry with bright or sunny spells and these prolonged at times too, especially across more central and northern areas of the UK. By the end of the afternoon there is a low risk of a few heavy showers or thunderstorms across some central and southern areas of England. These will be particularly isolated but could bring some localised severe weather primarily due to a lot of rain falling in a short space of time.

Any evening showers will soon clear and then many areas dry with clear spells and variable cloud. Some mist and fog patches are possible and some misty and murky conditions across parts of northern and eastern Scotland may edge down into some eastern areas of England too. A mild night for most, but perhaps chilly in the countryside.