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Morning Call - May 16, 2012
Plenty of sunshine
A cold start

Issued: 0530hrs Wednesday 16th May 2012
Duty forecaster: Simon Keeling

Sunny for most after a cold start

Good morning, It's certainly been a nippy old night. Temperatures have been around or even below freezing for many central, eastern and northern parts of the country, but now thankfully, with the sun rising, so are the temperatures.


This morning should be a fair one overall. There is a risk of a few showers developing over the high ground of the Midlands and northern England through this afternoon, but for the vast majority of the country it should be staying dry with more sunshine.


The exception will be Scotland where showers are going to be forming, and there is the risk of some more persistent rain affecting the east coast for a time. Further west cloud is going to be increasing, as it will in Ireland with some more persistent rain arriving in western Scotland and western Ireland this evening.

Have a great day.
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