Morning Call - August 22, 2014
Chilly & breezy
Sunshine & showers

Issued: 0530hrs Friday 22nd August 2014
Duty forecaster: Simon Keeling

Chilly, sunny spells and some showers

Good morning, It's another chilly day across the UK and Ireland with a brisk northwest wind affecting all areas. The remnants of an old front are clearing southeast England this morning, with low pressure in the North Sea blowing in some showers.

Fairly cloudy at first in the far southeast with some showery rain. However, this should be clearing from most shortly after breakfast, becoming brighter and drier, although feeing more like October than August.


For the rest of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland it will be a chilly start. There will be some showers, mostly in northern and western Scotland, parts of Northern Ireland, the north and west of Wales and running down some coasts of northeast England. Generally though, most will be dry with some reasonable spells of sunshine,

A reasonable afternoon ahead too. Feeling chilly in the wind and with some sunny spells for most. However, there will be showers around, most on northern and western coasts and hills, but some penetrating through the Midlands and an odd heavier one here and there too. Best of the sunshine probably in southern England. Get set for a cold night ahead, and the prospect of a ground frost for more rural areas on Saturday night.

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