Morning Call - March 03, 2015
Staying cold
Wintry showers

Issued: 0530hrs Tuesday 3rd March 2015
Duty forecaster: Simon Keeling

Another cold day with more wintry showers

Good morning, It's a cold and icy start to a Tuesday morning for many of us. There have been some wintry showers in many parts of the country overnight, and where skies have cleared the temperature has fallen allowing the ice to form. So, if you are out and about in the next few hours, take extra care.

Showers should clear from East Anglia and the southeast quite quickly, and then for many the morning should be bright and cold, but largely dry. Always a risk of showers in the west and south and again these could be wintry at times. Staying cold for all.

Most showers for western Scotland and Ireland. An the showers could turn heavier here through the morning and this afternoon leading to significant accumulations of snow over high ground.

Have a great day and keep the sun shining!
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