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UK Forecast - July 28, 2016
A little rain, some sun
Cool overnight

An occluded front passes south-east across England & Wales, giving mostly cloudy skies and occasional drizzly rain. Brighter skies and some sunshine develops from the north, but expect a scattering of showers to develop for central & eastern regions into the afternoon, locally heavy. In Scotland, showers throughout the day in the north-west, spreading east by afternoon. Feeling fresh in a westerly breeze, 16 to 19 north & west; 20 to 22C south & east.

Friday night
Any residual showers will fade in the south, although a few may continue to drift into western Scotland. Dry for most overnight. Clear spells developing and feeling rather cool. Mostly light west to north-westerly winds. Lowest temperatures 10 to 13C south, but dipping to 7 to 10C in northern & western areas, coolest in sheltered rural areas.

Low pressure over Scandinavia promotes a north-westerly flow across the country. Broken cloud and sunshine, typically best near the coasts, particularly south & west. Scattered showers will break out along the spine of country, drifting into eastern counties through the afternoon. A few showers may develop over mid-Wales and drift into the Midlands. Breezy in the north, lighter winds south. Highs 16 to 18C north, 20 to 22C south.

Starting dry and cool for many with sunshine. Cloud slowly builds inland, and a scattering of showers will break out, most widespread central & eastern areas by afternoon, although in north-west Scotland expect showers throughout the day. Coasts in the west & south staying mostly sunny. A fresh north-westerly breeze, particularly in the north. Starting quite chilly in some rural northern areas. Daytime highs 16 to 22C from north to south.

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