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UK Forecast - April 24, 2017
Cold and showery
Hail, thunder & snow

A very cold day for all as northerly winds affect the British Isles. Heavy showers will be widespread, breaking out increasingly through the day, and very frequent around coasts exposed to the north. Hail and thunder, plus snow at times, not just confined to the hills. Away from showers, there will be plenty of bright sunshine, best in southern England in the morning. Top temperatures just 6 to 9C, feeling closer to freezing in the wind.

Tuesday night
Wintry showers will continue to be draped around coasts in the east, west and far north, locally extending inland. Snow over the hills will give a covering in places. Most inland areas will see clearing skies. A chilly breeze continues, which may prevent a frost for many, particularly in the east, but overnight temperatures will widely dip close to freezing, locally -2 to -5C in sheltered rural areas in the west & north.

The cold northerly wind continues. Another day of sunshine and heavy showers, although the focus of showers will be eastern counties of England, where heavy bursts with hail and thunder are likely to be frequent. Elsewhere, showers will chiefly affect north-facing coasts and hills, particularly northern Scotland. Best chance for dry weather and sunshine is across western areas of Britain. High 6 to 10C.

High pressure centred toward the west. Fronts move in from the Atlantic, gradually introducing milder air compared to previous days. Fairly cloudy, with occasional rain, mainly in northern regions. A few showers are possible almost anywhere, which could locally merge to a longer spell of rain. Likely driest toward the south-west. A west to north-westerly breeze. Top temperatures 9 to 12C.

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