UK Forecast - October 10, 2015
Settled, mainly dry

Cloudy across Northern Ireland with some light rain and showers. A lot of cloud as well across Scotland with some rain here and there. For England and Wales it's a dry day to come. Some low cloud and mistiness to clear away first then expect sunny spells and patchy cloud. Northern parts of England may keep a good deal of cloud. Expect top temperatures across the country of 12 to 16 Celsius.

Sunday night
This evening becomes windier and wetter across northern parts of Scotland as a cold front brings in an area of light to moderate rain. For England, Wales and southern parts of Scotland it's going to remain fine and dry with mostly clear skies. Patchy low cloud may develop by morning with some mist across northern England where the winds will be lightest. Some patchy frost may be found in rural areas. Expect lows of 3 to 8 Celsius.

A cooler feel to the day today a a freshening north easterly wind developing. A weakening band of patchy light rain and drizzle moves down across southern Scotland into the North Sea in the afternoon. The bulk of the country will be dry today with lots of sunshine but cloudier across northern England and southern Scotland. It remains dry into the evening and night with clear spells. Some fog patches may develop across northern England and Scotland along with a touch of frost in the countryside. Expect top temperatures of 12 to 15 Celsius.

Today that north east wind will be moderating through the course of the day. After a mostly sunny start, fog patches in the north clear. More cloud may affect East Anglia, the south east and central parts of England which could just give an isolated shower to the coasts. The cloud tends to dissolve in the evening. All parts of the country will have a dry night and with clear spells and lighter winds, some locally dense fog patches may develop along with a rural frost. Expect top temperatures of 12 to 14 Celsius.

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