UK Forecast - December 20, 2014
Cloudy, rain N & W
Windy, gales north

Milder today but a strong wind keeps it feeling colder. Those winds gusting to gale force across Scotland and later northern England. Heavy spells of rain are expected across western parts of Scotland in the morning and through the afternoon. Lighter rain to come for northern parts of England, Wales and the south west of England. More cloudy across central and eastern parts of England and Scotland but chiefly dry. Expect maximum temperatures of 9 to 11 Celsius.

Sunday night
It continues windy into the evening and the night with gusts possible to 60 mph across the hills of northern England and southern Scotland. That area of heavier rain across Scotland sinks a bit further south into Northern Ireland and north west England in the evening where it tends to stay through the night. It turns colder across northern Scotland with wintry showers. To the south it remains cloudy with some patchy rain or drizzle across Wales and southern parts of England. A mild night for most with lows of 8 to 11 Celsius.

Very windy across the country today especially across England and Wales. Still some rain to come across Northern Ireland, northern England, western Scotland and Wales today. Generally cloudy but remaining dry across the rest of England and eastern Scotland. Outbreaks of rain are likely to affect England, Wales and Northern Ireland into the night while it turns dry and colder across Scotland. Still windy too overnight. Maximum temperatures today of 7 to 12 Celsius.

A cloudy, windy day to come with sporadic outbreaks of patchy, light rain to come for many but northern parts of Scotland. The rain may be more persistent and heavy across southern Scotland and north west England. During the evening this may clear from Northern Ireland, southern Scotland and northern England leaving a wet night across Wales, The Midlands and southern England. Expect top temperatures of 6 to 12 Celsius.

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