UK Forecast - July 03, 2015
Starting wet in north
Brighter south

An area of rain and thunderstorms will affect northern Britain early on Saturday morning, but soon clearing from eastern England after dawn. Bursts of rain will slowly break into just isolated showers across Scotland into the afternoon. Dry overall across England and Wales, with sunny spells increasingly breaking through. A scattering of heavy showers will affect western Ireland. Breezy for many. Warm and still rather humid in the south-east, highs locally 28 or 29C, but most areas nearer 20 to 23C.

Saturday night
Dry for most of Britain and Ireland overnight. Occasional showers in south-western regions. Broken cloud and clear spells. Light winds in the east may allow local mist patches to develop before dawn. A southerly breeze in the west. Some coastal fog patches. Overnight lows between 10 and 13C for many areas, locally briefly down to 7 or 8C where skies clear.

Low pressure to the north-west produces a showery pattern for Scotland, Ireland and northern England, merging into frequent rain in western Scotland. Mainly dry with sunny spells in the south and south-west, but the risk of thunderstorms over northern France affecting the far south-east of England. A breeze from the south or south-west. Temperatures reaching 23 to 25C in the south-east, around 19 to 22C for the Midlands and northern England, typically 17 to 20C for Ireland, Wales and Scotland.

High pressure to the south-east and low pressure to the north-west, with fronts spreading into western areas. Rain developing, becoming persistent for Ireland, and later Scotland. Mainly dry with for England and Wales, but rain may encroach into north-western regions later. Sunny spells in the east before cloud thickens from the west. A freshening southerly breeze. Warm in the south-east at 26C, around 23C for central areas, but nearer 17C in the north and west.

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