UK Forecast - August 26, 2014
Mostly Dry
Rain into the Southwest

For much of United Kingdom, this morning should be fair and dry with sunny spells and some cloud. Across southwest England and southern parts of Wales. Cloud will be thickening up this morning as an area of mostly light rain spreads in across southwest England and southern Wales during the afternoon. The rest of the country remain dry with sunny spells. A brisk south easterly wind will develop across the country. Maximum temperatures of 15 to 20 Celsius.

Wednesday Night
Through course of the evening the band of rain in the southwest will push up across Northern Ireland, all of Wales and into the Midlands and south eastern parts of England. Overnight the rain area is likely to be across Scotland, northern England down through East Anglia and the southeast. Drier, clear whether follows and from the southwest. Expect minimum temperatures of 5 to 11 Celsius north to south.

The area of rain across Scotland, northern England and East Anglia will continue to move north will linger across northern Scotland. It will be quite windy across Scotland today. As the rain clears expect mixture of cloud, sunny spells and showers across England and Wales. This evening the rain clears northern Scotland and most of the showers fade with most parts of the country having a dry, mostly clear night with a few fog patches developing by morning. An area of rain though moves into Northern Ireland. Maximum temperatures of 17 to 23 Celsius.

Outbreaks of rain are expected across Scotland, northern England down through Wales and southwest England in the morning and some of it may be heavy while showers are expected across the south and across Northern Ireland. In the afternoon much of the country will be unsettled and rather cloudy with heavy showers or longer spells of rain. It tends to stay rather cloudy and misty during the night with some patchy bits of rain across Scotland, northern England and Wales. Quite a windy day to come across England and Wales with maximum temperatures of 14 to 21 Celsius.

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