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Scratchbox - September 22, 2012
Issued: 14:30hrs Saturday 22th September 2012

John: Latest model projects as much as 65mm of rainfall from tomorrow morning into the night across parts of Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey are possible so there is a risk of flooding from this storm. This area may vary depending on the track of the low pressure area and associated rain bands.

Issued: 08:18hrs Saturday 22th September 2012

John: A deep area of low pressure is going to become settled across England this week. A miserable week across much of the United Kingdom with heavy, prolonged rain accompanied by gail force cyclonic winds. keep updated for the risk of flooding.

Issued: 07:00hrs Saturday 22th September 2012

John: A cold night last night with temperatures at or below freezing across Scotland and Northern Ireland. Cold too this morning with just 1C across North Wales, northern England and parts of the North Midlands.

Issued: 16:48hrs Friday 21th September 2012

Simon: Get set for a cold night tonight. Temperatures are going to be only just above freezing over Wales, northwest England, the Midlands and parts of Scotland.

Issued: 07:06hrs Friday 21th September 2012

Simon: Midnight run of the GFS model is now in, and it's back to the original plan for Sunday/Monday; heavy rain and gales. The northward movement of the low and the rain is somewhat delayed, with the southern half of England west and windy by midday, and then the rain reaching southern Scotland by late afternoon. It's worth noting that the UK Met Office model continues to keep the low further east. You can see the low arriving here.

Issued: 11:48hrs Thursday 20th September 2012

Simon: Sunday is a situation we are monitoring very carefully here at the Weatheronline Weather Centre. Potential for some very wet weather and severe gales, but exactly where is still uncertain. We'll be updating you 24/7.

Issued: 07:06hrs Thursday 20th September 2012

Simon: Rain across Northern Ireland, southern Scotland and Northern England today, some of it heavy in Northern Ireland. Drier and cloudier to the south of the UK with the best sun in northern Scotland.

Issued: 06:30hrs Wednesday 19th September 2012

Simon: Brrrr! It's a chilly one out there this morning, already 1C at Benson (Oxon) and still falling. Shows that autumn is certainly arriving fast.

Issued: 07:51hrs Tuesday 18th September 2012

John: A cool northwest wind prevails across the country today and this will bring occasional showers to Cornwall up through Wales, into northwest England and Scotland.

Issued: 07:00hrs Tuesday 18th September 2012

Simon: Sunshine and showers through today, most of them from Manchester northwards, an odd heavy one in the west here. A cool breeze for all.

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